Un pinguino en mi ascensor - Arzobispo Makarios (English translation)

English translation

Archbishop Makarios

In his presidential office
His Eminence senses it, something's wrong
I hear voices outside, what's going on
turkish have surrounded the house
There's no time left to react
he sighs and goes to the cocktail cabinet
where's the gin, I want to have a drink
I need something strong, I'm sick of tiger nut milk.
Archbishop Makarios, your Larios1 bottle has run out
you betrayed the Cypriot people
now you're there getting drunk
Cry, cry like a girl
what you never knew to defend as a man.
It's the end, the rebellion has succeded
the archbishop has been banished
now he lives in a greek island
and he only worries of his winery
many botles of Rioja wine
and the discography of Isabel Pantoja
are the only illusion in his endless holiday
in the incomparable frame of the blue Aegean Sea
  • 1. A Spanish brand of ginebra
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Arzobispo Makarios

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