Así es mi México (English translation)


Así es mi México

Soy el Charro Mexicano
el orgullo de mi patria
y emblema de mi nación.
Calzo botín de una pieza,
pantalón cachiruliado
con espuelas de Amozoc.
Uso chaqueta bordada,
mi sombrero galoneado
y sarape tricolor;
mi pistola pavonada,
botonadura plateada
orgullo de tradición.
Cuando asisto al jaripeo
monto en silla, monto en pelo,
para mí todo es igual,
me gusta jugar los gallos
y florear muy bien la riata
y echar uno que otro piar.
Me gusta la serenata
bien tocada por mariachis
que es el alma nacional,
beber agua fresca en jarro
y montar un buen caballo
para ir con mi chata a pasear.
Qué bonitas son mis ferias
con sus palos ensebados
y sus cohetes de color,
globos, pitos y bengalas
tacos, tamal y enchiladas
y tequila con limón.
Así es mi México, amigo,
así es el charro y así soy yo,
por eso bien dice el dicho:
"como México no hay dos".
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English translation

That's my Mexico

I am the Mexican charro
the pride of my homeland
and the symbol of my nation.
I wear leather boots,1
well-worn2 out pants
spurs from Amozoc.
I wear a embroidered coat,
and tricolor serape;
my blued pistol,
silver sets of buttons3,
a pride of tradition.
When I attend a jaripeo
I ride on a saddle, I ride bareback4
for me it's all the same,
I like competing in cockfights5,
lassoing well with a lariat
and to sing a tune or two.6
I like serenades,
well-played by mariachis
which are the heart of the nation;
drinking fresh water from a jug7
and riding a good horse
to go out with my sweetheart.
How lovely my fairs are
with its greased poles
and its colorful fireworks,
balloons, horns and flares,
and tequila with lime.
That's my Mexico, my friend,
that's how the charro is and that's how I am,
that's why the saying goes:
"Like Mexico there's no other".8
  • 1. There's a picture with what a charro outfit consists of.
  • 2. cachiruliado = something that's very well loved and therefore worn often.
  • 3. If you look at the side of the pants, coat and at the front of the coat you'll find these buttons close together as decorations to the outfit. Here is a closer look of what those buttons look like.
  • 4. this in particular might be referring to something that is performed at charreadas called "El paso de la muerte" (The pass of death): a charro riding bareback, with reins, attempts to leap from his own horse to the bare back of a loose, unbroken horse without reins and ride it until it stops bucking. The most dangerous part of this is if the charro performing the pass falls under three other mounted charros that are chasing the loose horse round the arena ring.
  • 5. lit. 'playing in cockfights'
  • 6. "piar" means to cheep (the sound of a bird), naturally I associated that with singing.
  • 7. usually made of clay
  • 8. lit. 'like Mexico there aren't two'.
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  • Terminology: lit. (literally), lat. (latin term), pr. (pronunciation). @= a/o (for Spanish translations only, @ can be switched from a feminine or masculine perspective.
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