Aschenflug (English translation)

  • Artist: Adel Tawil
  • Song: Aschenflug 2 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2
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Flight of Ashes

Versions: #1#2
(Prinz Pi)
Ey buddy, the last time we met
there still was a spark in your eyes
but after all these nights
they look like they have been stamped out
For almost half a life
you only sit at bars,
you party the nights away
with everything one can possibly get,
living in a no man's land
Lately you never
let anyone enter, staying at home, shit-faced,
clinging to every glass like to a branch,
I have only one fear, that you have none1
I don't care, I know best what makes me happy
Fragmentary, I lose a piece every crazy night
But everything fine, look at me, I take what I can get a hold of
I start flying and my fantasy goes on
reality goes off and the things that happened, too
Perhaps it's not good for me, but I put up with it
I enjoy live until my body tells me I've had enough
There again is blood on my kleenex
(Chorus: Adel Tawil)
You are on your flight of ashes
Behind you everything burns down
You are on your flight of ashes
Behind you everything burns away
You know you'll never get enough
until no one will be there anymore
You are on your flight of ashes
until the very last day
when no one will ask for you anymore
(Prinz Pi & Sido)
Now hurry up, just a bit until it's over, dude
(No, dude, now shove off, I'm not even interested in that shit
Come one, let's go, this club is lame)
Ey, take a look at yourself, you can't even look straight anymore, man
Let's unwind a bit
(oh don't worry, on we go, the mailman brings another package)
Main thing is that the carousel in your head keeps on spinning
Honestly, everyone here can see that you are on the ropes
(I have experienced everything live what those rock stars talk about, no problem)
No, buddy, your problem is my problem
Now stop going nuts like that, stop taking all that shit
(Whatever, man, I'll continue until my body says: "I have enough")
Soon the monkey will be dead, case closed2
(Adel Tawil)
You burn so bright
and you burn brighter and brighter
You fall so fast
and you fall faster and faster
  • 1. either "no fear" or "no girl"
  • 2. refers to the idiom "Klappe zu, Affe tot" ("if the lid is closed, the monkey is dead"), which means something like "case closed"
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