Laura Pausini - Ascolta il tuo cuore (English translation)

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Listen To Your Heart

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Hey, how are you now?
Betrayed by finished love story
And in front of you the umpteenth climb.
You feel a little alone,
(There is) nobody who is able to listen you,
Who shares your troubles with you,
Never! Do not give up ever!
Stay as you are,
Pursue your destiny
Because all the pain you have inside
Can never erase your path
And then you will discover
That the history of every minute of ours
Belongs us alone.
But if you will still remain
Lost without reason
In a sea of whys
Listen to your heart in you
And you will find the words in the silence.
Close your eyes and then let yourself go,
Try to get into the world* of your heart
It is difficult to understand
What is the right thing to do
If an emotion beats in your head.
The pride that seizes you
The nights in which remorse wakes you up
For the fear of making a mistake,
But if you will find yourself again
Without stars to follow
Never give up
Belive in yourself! Listen to your heart!
Do what it says you to do even if it makes you suffer.
Close your eyes and then let go,
Try to fly over this pain.
You will not deceive yourself
If you listen to your heart,
Open your arms until nearly touching
Every hand, every hope, every dream that you want
Because then it will take you to the heart of every one of us
Evey time that you do not know what to do,
Try to fly into the world of your heart
You, you try to fly
Where is the world of your heart
You, you, you, into the world of your heart
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* "pianeta"-literally "planet"

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Ascolta il tuo cuore

Zathan    Mon, 13/04/2015 - 03:19

great formatting, too many people don't follow the original formatting