Mashrou' Leila - Ashabi (أصحابي) (English translation)

English translation


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Everyone is dancing
On the floor littered wih glass
Everyone is laughing
In black and white
My smile begins to crack
In black and white
And we have only just met each other.
For a moment in the restroom, we were the closest of friends
Fake your attention, tell me I'm amicable
Son of the night (x4)
Every week goes on monotone, desolate.
Make me forget my roots, i want to be just like Beirut
How nice tonight is, everything we wish for is available
I hurt myself just to find reason behind existence
Son of the Night (x8)
Remember how music used to affect us?
Now we're afraid the dark where we used to play
We lived, we saw, and now nothing amazes us
Turn up the music, nobody will hear us
I smoked yesterday, feeling a little tired
It's as if I'm always drowning, and i still feel thirsty
A left step and two right steps
No, I'm not crying, my eyes just watered because of the smoke
[Son of the night]
And i pour a glass for two but drink it all alone
[Son of the night]
You really think any of these people will come visit my grave?
[Son of the night]
I see you have a lighter, come light my cigarette
Look, there's people around me, I won't die alone
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Ashabi (أصحابي)