Aşk Gitti Bizden (English translation)

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Love left us

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Excuse me, bye bye
From now on, consider us a thing of the past
Don't think my insides are not sprained/twisted
This break up, for whom is it easy?
Those butterflies flying inside me, where are they now?
Of these feelings in me
Not even a trace remains
One you, one me
Two tears flowed from my eyes
It didn't work, we couldn't make it happen
And love is over for us
First you, then I
Like a star fell from the sky
We just couldn't make it work
And love left us
A familiar story, of course
We sacrificed love for pride
This end has no return
We plummeted into different worlds
Once upon a time in these gardens
Colourful flowers were blossoming
How sad that they've faded
How did it become that way so suddenly
we each became a stranger
How sad that the roads have split
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Aşk Gitti Bizden

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