ask for it

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ask for it (English) — to look for trouble; to pick a fight (usually: with superior opponent)

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Translations of "ask for it"

RussianЛезть на рожон
Bulgarian, English, Russian #1, #2

"ask for it" in lyrics

We must give love if we are to ask for it later
We must forgive in order to keep going
Remember that we have a one-way ticket
And that we must always be thankful for life

For life

Chayanne - Mother Earth

Fill the void up with celluloid
Take a picture, I'm with the boys
Get what I want cause I ask for it
Not because I'm really that deserving of it

Marina and The Diamonds - Primadonna

But will tell me more what could you do.

Now tell me it,I know that the passion is rising rising
Ask for it,don't think it anymore, destroy it -troy it
No baby no,look how she shakes it -kes it
Hunt it,give me more up up til I swear sweat

Daddy Yankee - The night of us (two)

I'm fun... I want it
I'm a punishment... I'll go through it
I'm a wish... I'll ask for it
I'm a gamble... I'll play
You are hopeless still there is some hope left

Vishal Dadlani - Skirt

But I believe in my feelings
You cursed the hell out of me
we got in trouble,
and I didn't ask for it.

JadaL - I am afraid of commitment

and see in your look the sky itself
For every star for every night
our souls get together and recognize each other
because you want it because you ask for it
I will show you that love exists
You, all you

Jennifer Lopez - You

I love the programs on the television
I've no time to see them, but I'm the one who makes them
We spit this 'food' at those hungry eyes
You see that they ask for it, we know they are eager
For our rot. Better than jam
For Pigs!

Noir Désir - The hurried man

And it is history the story of how to get her.
Mary is like a gun she likes to be trigger.
She has some other thing pink she likes to be rake.
They drink, smoke weed and crazy they ask for it.
Don Omar
Mary gets loose if by the neck you kiss her.

Don Omar - Hookah

Paradise,as they have described it
with a bunch of luxurious palaces and houris in it
Better be granted to the ones who ask for it
I need you, just you

Aslı Güngör - I need you, just you

Always count on me, my love
Always, always, always
When you need love
Ask for it like you ask for a flower.

Count on me

Jerry Rivera - Count on me


Gigi D'Alessio - I'd like

Everything has been said before
There's nothing left to say anymore
When it's all the same
You can ask for it by name,
Are you motherfuckers ready
For the new shit?

Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit

In her fragile hand
I went and left her a rose
I knew she won't forgive me
But I wanted forgiveness and I went to ask for it

I don't know where I got my courage from

Hector Acosta - Sin perdon

Look at me now, fifteen rounds.
Bottle in my hand, pourin' it on the ground.
Next time you wanna talk trash, I'ma put it on blast
You can get it if you ask for it
Put it in the mini figure for the fat ladies hangin' out
Shatter every glass house. Oops. Ni hao.

Karmin - I Told You So

the best of you
today i feel that life shows me with you
its blue side and its all i ask for to be happy
what do you ask for, what do you ask for...

it could be that it die in an instant

Álex Ubago - what do you ask for

I'll try to do my best to impress,
But it’s easier to let you take a guess, at the rest,
But you wanna hear what lives in my brain, my heart,
Will you ask for it?
For your perusing,
At times confusing,

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (OST) - Introducing Me

the worries are melting off my heart, everything is mine.

The love is coming with us, happily-freely,
may it never end, I ask for it, I want it!
I squeeze your hand, I live my tale,
the worries are melting off my heart, everything is mine.

NOX - I love it

You live [life] waiting for a strange heart to come here,
and to bring out the best of you from your body and soul.
Today I feel as if life is showing me its blue side next to you,
and it's all I ask for in order to be happy, what do you ask for?
what do you ask for?

Álex Ubago - ¿que Pides Tu?

Son, your birthday has come
My beloved child,
What are you going to ask for?
It is your sixth birthday,
What you have imagined,
You can tell me

Calibre 50 - The Good Example

Because you are
Alive alive as you are
How much life you gave me
You don't ask for it back and you're
Alive alive because of what you are
Always ready, always greedy

Ligabue - Alive!

Hold on, hold on, I always wanted it this way
(I never wanted it this way)
Hold on, hold on, I always wanted it this way
(We didn't ask for it this way)
I always wanted it this way

Three Days Grace - The Good Life

I give you my love.. if you don't know how to ask for it, silly
do not come with tricks...
stop it, I already know you really well!
I give you my love without any condition, for now
But you will have to prove that you worth more than
what you already showed you are

Ana Moura - Reckless love

the building of a love
break hand wrists
mixes blood and sweat
if you still have some

the building of a love

Ivano Fossati - La Costruzione di Un Amore

A little kiss on your lips for you (x2)

Hey, baby, I want to kiss you and you won't let me
If I ask for it, you lean back
If you like me and I like you, why won't you give in
Stop the games and kiss me already!

Tito El Bambino - I want to kiss you

I know, it's very hard for you to breathe

We've made a promise on this road
Giving in doesn't suit our love, don't ask for it
Come on, take me to yourself again
Don't leave, hold my hand

Tripkolic - I Miss Your Green Eyes

A love all gone is just another story
What's gone sour once was glory, glory
If it's romance you want then ask for it then
Honey could you put your arms around me slow
Tell me things about you that I wouldn't know

Passion Pit - Love Is Greed

The moment in which you told me that you would go far from me. I felt that the beatings of my heart stopped
before being converted the dream in sadness, I maintain a hope, as an amulet in my chest before coming the storm

<em>What you have taken of me, i dont ask for it back
but your photos I keep it to live
that was your lie which is the biggest pain

Giannis Ploutarhos - I keep your photos to live

I'm here without your look
Suddenly and without realizing the loneliness awakened me
I waited for you as usual in my dreams
That you'd arrive
Dawn reminded me
That you weren't there anymore.

Samo - I only ask

You can love me because I say

I won't write you a love song
'Cause you ask for it
'Cause you need one, you see

Sara Bareilles - Love Song

This love between three oh oh oh
This love between three (it is killing me little by little)
This love between three (crazy people know this)
This love between three, I will ask for it my entire life, my entire life I will ask

Olga Tañón - Love Between Three

yeah, wait for them, wait, but there won't be any ooo.

On-air, on-air, ask for it, ask for it
On-air, on-air 'cause you don't know how to ask for the feeling you want 'cause you got it right in front of your face**
It's not my fault, it's not my fault baby, baby, it's not my fault, it's not my fault
Because that feeling you want is with me, but you don't wanna admit it.

Kida - On-air

Now she's hot and heavy, now she said she ready
And I said baby, let's start nice slow and steady
Then I'm gon' give it to you however you ask for it
I'll catch it, you throw it and baby, you know it

Pitbull - Call Of The Wild

I just can't wait for love

[Verse 2:]
So, she put his heart in a bag, he wouldn't ask for it back
He didn't want her to cry, she didn't want to be sad
She said, "You better not leave me."

The Neighbourhood - Flawless

then i will stay close to you my little love

Do not avoid the kiss
since our eyes ask for it from start
Do not hide from me if you want you can
hide inside me tonight

Myronas Stratis - My little love



Eleni Foureira - I HAVE IT

Don't you remember, you were like
All of them are heroes
When they want something...well...
They ask for it, to whom can hear them.

I change the life that

Patty Pravo - And tell me you don't want to die

I'm being honest
All i want is a new life by your side

I ask for it because i know i can
By your side i feel like i found the
Perfect place , and all that happend

Río Roma - New life

So go on infect me
Go on and scare me to death
Tell me I ask for it
Tell me I’ll never forget
You could give me anything but love

Apocalyptica - S.O.S. (Anything But Love)

Where are you?
Remembers ours names
We are not together, who is to blame?
Will ask for it again,
Rain, June rain

Dima Bilan - June Rain

You are in somewhere that close to me
somewhere that close, but I can't see you.
Come closer to me.
You know I won't hurt you.
We flew away like
Different roads go.

Maxim Fadeev - Run on the sky

Since my life is nothing, I want all of it.
In its entirety, exactly and with all its failures,
Since my life is nothing, I ask for it again,
I want you to give me it again,
Sixty short seconds for my last minute.

Carla Bruni - The Last Minute

Which I'm standing in, and for which I say: OK

I know it's just a disguise what you feel
I need my money for something else, don't ask for it
I don't live this way, I don't even show anything
Come a little bit closer, girl, throw away the false Fendy

SP - My Name Is SP

You'll give when it is time to ask for it, won't you?
And you'll ask for it when you need it, won't you?
You'll accept when it is time to practice magic, won't you?
And then you'll draw away with catlike steps-

Presser Gábor - You'll be There, Won't You?

Respect one more time to all those who surround me
Thanks to all those who give me power & love
When I lack them !
To all those I piss off & who still ask for it
I wish I had the means to do more
Being able to tell you more

Fonky Family - Girls , cops , raids

You will see me in every love that there is in your life

even if you don't want or ask for it

you will see me because I will be always thinking of you.

la barra - You will see me

And you're a thousand miles away

Well there's a party for me
And you know that I didn't ask for it
I just stay in your game
I'm just playing your game

Elisa (Italy) - A Feast For Me

All that is and all that has been
All we have thought and all we have dreamed of
All our towering plans
They broke on small details that had been forgotten
I believed that I knew what I wanted
But my god I was so young and stupid and drunk then

Kent - Hold Your Head High

Ahh, never mind
Ahh, ahh, never mind

Happiness wouldn't be there everytime you ask for it
You should saturate it quietly
Or you should stand up against life

Yalın - Never Mind

The energy's impactful
Feel the beat, don't be so careful
Everybody here look so beautiful in the light
When we move, it's sterile

Zendaya - Twist My Hips

you do not know how expensive a cookie can be, because the complex then is mixed with rum and the next one you give it in Cristobal Colon! (Christopher Columbus)

Pay attention brother, is sad to say it,
the sit for a pregnant woman is not given anymore, she is forced to ask for it, men no longer give up their seat for her... no
to pick them... and spit on them,

Los Aldeanos - Human Misery

I have it: "X = everything is stupid"
It's not beautiful, life is stupid
By the way, we don't know why the man is on earth
You was born but you did not ask for it
When you're alive, you're afraid to die
And you want to know the worst?

Kamini - Because we're stupid

Beyond the walls, the walls
The calmness, the calmness is waiting for me

I always ask for it in my prayers
I still believe that you'll come for me
You'd open that has attached me here for a long time

Lola (Hungary) - Beyond The Walls

Come on Step Up LOVE, I want it so
I'm still working on the basics

I want to Step Up LOVE, I want it bad
I'll refuse your rejections, and get fired up again


If you'd love me you could have
bracelets and rings of silver and red coral
as soon as you ask for it I'd put for you
a throne on earth
and a ship at sea

Lola Flores - Pepa Bandera

This voice that courses through me
Not that I want it, nor that I ask for it
It does not live within me;
It lives in the shadows at my side

Mafalda Arnauth - This Voice That Courses Through Me

It's another Friday, breathing in the air
Light and shadow are playing catch again
The table is set, childhood pictures on the wall
White convoys coming back from the synagogue
And this smell that scratches my heart
Creeps up creeps up and opens doors

Rami Kleinstein - Little gifts

Just because your daddy is rich
You sound so funny with your voice all plummy
Now your cheque's just bounced better run to your mummy
And you know it's a class act she'll never ask for it back

Just because I ain't double barelled

Robbie Williams - Life thru a Lens

You and I, we've bought one day for two,
it is going to last for so long, wouldn't that be enough for us?
You and I, we've drunk one night for two.
Have no fear, no one else can ask for it so lovingly.

There is all the world around us, but you and I,

Okean Elzy - Invisible Family

But give away love (GIVE IT!)
And give it for free
No strings attached
Just don't ask for it back

Learn a little, learn a little

Gotye - Learn a Little Givin' and Lovin'

It makes me feel stronger
Mercy, I ask for it
Mercy, I ask for it

She was the most beautiful woman in commuter town [fn]"tess" is the slang word for "cité" which means "suburb".[/fn]

Wallen - Mercy

The feds can't hold me, I hold feds
I was born wit a dark ass cloud over my head
Raining acid, you can't refrain from gettin yo' ass kicked
Cause you talk too much you ask for it
I'm on some massive shit, everybody ignore me
They wouldn't fuck with me if I was performin at an orgy

D12 - Shit Can Happen

I look upon the infinity
there, where the world ends
where our hope resembles a star
kiss me

Vegas - A Thousand Times

We ask for the end of civil war
We ask for it and we can do it
We ask for a coffee for playing
We ask for faith in Brazil

A lot of cities I have been

Skank - South of America

It's forbidden
you're a store with two doors
A heart that you broke and burned
don't ask for it to come back
Don't even pretend
to say that you love me

Thanasis Vasilakos - It's forbidden

(A woman) that has your confidence and your grace,
where can I find a woman that looks like you.

I'll give you wealth if you ask for it,
don't push me away don't destroy me,
take me in your arms, in your white pigeons

Yiannis Kotsiras - Where can I find a woman that looks like you

To be woman and friend
Of those who give life
Every time that you ask for it

To be woman and friend

Edgar Oceransky - I swear


Yes, I'll keep my love, I'll ask for it to the sky
You be with me in the Sun or Moon

Vlad Darwin - I'll keep my love

There's no regrets, remorse only results in loneliness
Only the strong survive and strive through life as warriors
All of us die, some of us kill, even massacre
Who wanna try, Punisher will if you ask for it
I'm hazardous for your health and Hell's your next stop
For real my shit's cocked, the world has just stopped

Big Pun - Beware

Come and taste the sweet berries
Come and let us fly together over the plains
Come and see the richness that cannot be valued
Allowed if you ask for it

I am the sister of the trees, the river and the rain

Pocahontas (OST) - The Colours of the Winds

broad enough to hide with my suit behind a piece of yarn.
I go around asking for money
to people who borrowed it and don't want to give it back
and I ask for it timidly, but in front of many people.
As for those who won't listen to reason
- it's like sneezing against thunder -

Fabrizio De André - The collection agent

People say when there’s love
Is not necessary to ask for forgiveness
And I already ask for it some many times

Andrés Calamaro - So many Times

To the year that starts I ask for laid down weapons
I ask for it to light up the corridor of egos

I ask for us to learn to live laying eggs
To put a limit in the bloodshed
I want the marine to become a sailor

Alejandro Sanz - The Silence of the Crows

And if, at the end, you want to ask
your partner for a token of love,
you can ask for it, provided
the gift is of no value.

Giorgio Gaber - Women Believe Me

Tell me what you're going to give me,
In exchange for a flower and kisses,
Don't ask for it today,
Until you are in my arms.

Dueto América - Flower And Kisses

[Verse 1]
Bad seed so I bite metal
I don't need their decorative shit
I have known misery and I won't ask for it again
I know becoming someone needs a lot of work
Bad seed, I don't have the face of a worker

Nekfeu - Bad seed

My days pass because of you
Paint my body and heart with your love
Ask me for love, My love![fn]alternate: my heart, my life, my love; ask for it whatever you want[/fn]
Paint me into your color

Fuzon - Eyes

Will you give it to me
When we're out at the club
Give it to me
When I ask for it girl
Give it to me
Will you give it to me

Darin - Give it to me

And my band plays Rock
And It changes every time they ask for It
Since you bring In the same one
They almost always ask for It

Laura Pausini - And my band plays Rock

Don't think you are better than someone else,
Always look for examples worth being followed.
Decide alone for yourself and don't accept
Advices of people who you didn't ask for it.
Don't believe in destiny or in idiots who make you
less responsible or mentally relaxed,

Carla's Dreams - Letter to my little brother

That much is the pain I feel
And I feel I will blow up
The sky is my witness
(I ask for it screaming)
And for this love I ask from you
another chance

Chayanne - I miss you

Do not curse white woman we are still

I don’t love you. Don’t love me.
You gave it to me I didn’t ask for it.
Don’t blame me for losing everything.
With you I lost everything as well.

Diego El Cigala - The well paid

I'm throwing my heart before your feet tonight
Do whatever you like with it, my lady, I won't ask for it back. Do whatever you like with it, my lady, I won't ask for it back

I've told you once and twice and three,

Giannis Vogiatzis - I've Told You Once And Twice And Three Times

Right now, better show me what you got now
Give me love, give me life
Better give it to me when I want it
I shouldn't have to ask for it
Give it to me when I want it, yeah yeah

Bebe Rexha - Comfortable


Do you want it
Just ask for it
'Cause it's said
That I'm unbeaten

Peter Wackel - I'm Selling My Body

to realize that it's been an illusion,
and you've been replaced with many others behind your back,
but I want, I want to be able to forgive you,
only ask for it, and after that I don't want to see you again


Carlos (Bulgaria) - Beautiful Past

As soon as I'm walking feel
Their eyes on me
I can see
But they still ask for it
They call me mad
But they won't have it

Manuel Riva & Eneli - Close the deal

looking at water

Tell me whatever you want, ask for it
to give you my life
just where, show me

Boris Novković - Tell me

people who meet the sickle can’t talk,
people who meet the sickle don’t talk.

And then, there are people who really ask for it,
otherwise - they say - their heart is going to go crazy,
to go crazy.

Piccola Orchestra Karasciò - Apologias

Your wish is ´Amen´ for me
Ah, what I´m gonna do to you this night

Just tell me, just ask for it
Where does it tickle you, show me
What do you want me to do to you

MC Stojan - Yum yum

You were born in a worker’s district
Where the boys are all into one thing
To the working people of “Severstal’”
You were like one of them
Your grandpa worked on that factory
Your old brother and your pa, of course

Lyube - Steelmakers of Russia

Isn't there even a "Hi"?

You come to my mind a lot
Do you ever ask for it, too?
Isn't there any tear drops,
from your eyes for me?

Talıb Tale - Isn't there?

dear craziness, stop talking in another language
now that I got him here, don't dance to me, not even a coma
We are two breaths with an offbeat rhythm
You ask for it, I don't give out, but we stand on each other
I recognize I like to feel you're looking for me
I am so yours that I don't even stand it myself

Vanesa Martín - Feeling Each Other

My life, I'll give it to you, hey, hey.
And again fall in love, huh
Mommy I know you do not regret
Come and ask for more ...

Xriz - I fell in love

You know that life, distracted, runs over you
Ask for the time you want again
Ask for it again...
In silence

Lighea - Without Guarantees

And when you put out a fire
Don't ask for it to light up anymore.
And when you put out a fire
Don't ask for it to light up anymore.

Now only a miracle can save us,

Lena Papadopoulou - Miracle

When I'm at party I send selfies to the haters
When they see us with girls and wearing Ralph Lauren the struggle begins
I think I'm in love with my life, I look at it through gold-tinted glasses
If I invite you at my home, you ask for it again
We don't tag walls, our initials on hollydays cheques
We don't represent the suburbs but the residence

Columbine - Charles Viscount

With shape of a fish
Swimming in Ravel's seas
I don't know if I stole it, I don't know if I ask for it
Or it just been there
One day it went

Charly García - The happiness machine

"Sweet" on its own is boring, right?
Balancing with bitterness is important too! ■■
Hey, if you want some just ask for a cute way!
Now, let's melt together! ❤ ■■

HitoshizukuP - Amazing Dolce

I want to know what's going on
I want to know where I'm going to
I want the love to be given to me
Not to ask for it
So, I want to know
what kind, what kind of man I love

Rita Sakellariou - I want to know what's going on

The water runs, our life goes by,
who knows where, who knows where it'll go.
I'll go with you, just ask for it,
I'll be your coat, your new heart.

Miranda! - Bad Signal

The soul, the blues, the corrido and the joints of my land

That's why I always ask for life
May the promised land take me
That people are always well loved

Carlos Vives - the land

No matter if I can't make it right now
I don't give up so soon
I'm sure I'll make it someday
Just ask for it and I'll give you my word
That soon I won't be ashamed of
To ask you to dance, to dance, to dance,

Tonis Magi - I can't dance

What's up darlin'?
I been keeping my eye on your movement
I can't see no room for improvement
Why you all over there in your jack jones?
You need to let me get behind your backbone
'Cause I'm the man for the job, let me work it

Calvin Harris - Dance Wiv Me

I want you

Don't ask for it
Open me if you dare
I want you

Myronas Stratis - If You Dare

With it... Never again to meet sunrise.
With it... From happiness quietly the heavens cried.
The heart will ask for it again and again: will my love remain?

The Jigits - With it...

The energy's impactful
Feel the beat, don't be so careful
Everybody here look so beautiful in the light
When we move, it's sterile

Shake It Up! (OST) - Twist My Hips

Because girls don't bite
Unless you ask for it
Because girls don't bite
Unless you ask for it
Girls like the attention, seduction
Less talking and more action

Sofia Oliveira - Girls Don't Bite

Enjoy it that way
We’re playing with life
I hear you breathing
You ask for it
You can’t hold your blood

Veréb Tamás - Butterfly Effect

A love which doesn't fly, a love that would brush your face and then leave you

A love you ask for,
It let you breath only to kill you, then

Giorgia - The day after us

I don't walk straight ahead

I want a glass that is always full
I don't want to have to ask for it because it's always too hard for you, but for you
(That is too much for you and slighlty too maybe for me - do you want to?)

Mine - Too maybe

I gave you a whole world of color

Now you know the reason of my stray love
If you didn't mind yesteday, don't ask for it today
Now you know the reason of my stray love
You'll cry all that I suffered

RUMBA TRES - Stray love