Assemblage 23 - I Am The Rain

  • Artist: Assemblage 23 ( Tom Shear)
  • Album: Failure (2001)

I Am The Rain

Too eager to appease
The cure is the disease
And it's only growing worse
Day by day, it takes its hold
Divides its cells a thousandfold
And makes your blindness seem perverse
Out of sight and out of mind
Are deadly traits when they're combined
But it's easier that way
Sit and watch the world go by
While all the problems multiply
With nothing left to do but pray
I am the rain
Falling down to cover you
Wish me away
But I'm here for your own good
I am the storm
Sent to wake you from your dream
Show me your scorn
But you'll thank me in the end
These amenities are nice
But there is need for sacrifice
You must lose so you may gain
It's too easy to malign
The implements that steal our time
But it's we who are to blame
Fill your pockets while you can
And try to keep the upper hand
The voice of reason sounds so shrill
Surround yourself with all you own
Work your fingers to the bone
And happiness evades you still
Too eager to appease,
You've lost the forest for the trees
And it really is a shame
It is such a sorry sight
When you evaluate your life
You've only got yourself to blame
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