Assuf d'Alwa (English translation)


Assuf d'Alwa

Asuf d'alwa megh tisseren
S el waqqen hegh anukmamnen
Talghiwen assohatnen
Itadj asemman anneghabint
Itissahid tarha n asser
Ism n enshor illan enor
Tillalagh imidiwan adokhan
Adiwanin noyya inezgam djan tinfusen
Submitted by Calusarul on Mon, 11/11/2013 - 09:33
Submitter's comments:

The title means "Longing and loneliness".
Le titre signifie "Nostalgie et solitude".


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English translation

Longing and Loneliness

Longing, loneliness and despair
I am a prisoner of this time
In times of hardship, we share our suffering
As we share a glass of tea
The hidden love I have for that radiant face
Eases my melancholy and my loneliness
I visit my friends
The smoke speaks to me and my thoughts tell me tales
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