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The Woman in Black

On a late autumn night
At the dawn of restlessness
The moon had disappeared
It laid to rest
From a dark corner of my room
A shadow emerged from the gloom
She silently stood, didn't say a word
She leaned over me
I felt my heart beating
I knew that she knows everything about me
I was watching her and likewise, she watched me
The woman in black
She was examining my face
She placed her cold hand on me
She watched silently, I was watching her
In dead silence
I saw the lamp's light grow
Weaving a net over her dark hair
She nodded, said quietly; "There is still time"
She smiled and waved goodbye
She disappeared and a heavy silence fell
She vanished into the night for good
The woman in black
When she comes for me again
She will take me on a journey
She will lead me in the black silence
The woman in black
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Asszony feketében

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