Athelas (Italian translation)



When the black breath blows,
And death's shadow grows,
and all lights pass,
Come Athelas! Come Athelas!
Life to the dying,
In the king's hand lying!
  • Athelas:

    Athelas, also known as Kingsfoil or asëa aranion ("Beneficial of Kings"), was a sweet-smelling herb with healing powers, such as curing wounds, poison and counteracting evil influence such as the Black Breath. (Tolkien Gateway)

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Book V, Chapter 8: The Houses of Healing

Italian translationItalian (poetic, rhyming)
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Quando soffia il fiato nero
e dell’ombra vien l’impero
ogni luce passa,
Vieni Athelassa! vieni Athelassa!
Da vita a chi è malsano
Dona il re con sua mano!
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