Tudor Gheorghe - Au innebunit salcamii (English translation)


Au innebunit salcamii

Au innebunit salcamii
De atata primavara,
Umbla despuiati prin ceruri
Cu tot sufletu-n afara
Si l-au scos de dimineata
Alb si incarcat de roua
Cu miresme tari de ceruri
Smulse dintr-o taina noua
Au innebunit salcamii
Si cu boala lor odata
S-a-ntamplat ceva imi pare
Si cu lumea asta toata
Pasarile aiurite
Isi scot sufletul din ele
Pribegind de doruri multe
Calatoare printre stele
S-a-mbatat padurea verde
Nu mai e asa de calma,
Tine luna lunguiata
Ca pe-o inima in palma
Nu-mi vezi sufletul cum iese
In haotice cuvinte,
Au innebunit salcamii
Si tu vrei sa fiu cumïnte?
Si tu vrei sa fiu cuminte?
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English translation

Crazy have gone the locust trees

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Crazy have gone the locust trees
From all this spring
They wonder bare through heavens
With the entire soul hanging out
And they brought it out ever since morning
White and heavy with the dew
Loaded With the overpowering scents of the skies
Yanked forth [the scents] out of a new mystery
Crazy have gone the locust trees
And at once with their affliction
Something happened, it seems
To this whole world too
Raving birds
Give away their souls from within
Wandering from the many longings
Traveling among the stars
The green forest became tipsy
It is no longer all too calm
It cradles the moon elongated,
Resembling a heart in the palm of her hand
Can't you see my soul hanging out
Through chaotic words
Crazy have gone the locust trees
And you expect me to remain sane?
And you expect me to remain sane?
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