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I'm sure maybe it's OK I knew where it hurts
If I can pick up my own tears I will change to magic someday
I just forgot a little It was very long
When there is no sun, it will be created in the world with pen
we did not find for friend of justice
I have to go looking for that voice that kept calling
Though I couldn't become a sigh I thought that I didn't even have name
The innermost part of my heart was standing with my nails
I can understand the shape and the sound if I can touch and check
I always found the words I wanted to convey
Footprints that draw a distorted line without interruption if you look back
It's sad and easy to understand
It is not good to cherish but I know that it is important
At the very least that white letter will arrive correctly
It's not too much thinking I'm in that darkness
I'm just looking for the next footstep with courage
Unleash your voice in the light of the shining feathers
To where that foot should go To the future that would otherwise have been invisible
It is better than anyone to know that you did not give up
One by one of the words that I flapped so that it will surely arrive
Again and again with crayons as you like
Please come back again with your favorite color
Once again in this world with crayons again
Now it can be turned into magic
Oh, why, why, repeatedly, and still continue
The innermost part of my heart Tears are flames It's time to face each other
I will give you shape and sound if I can touch and check
Your words have always been looking for you
I found it that way
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i'm not sure of translation cause sme sentence its hard to find the way fr good meaning


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