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1You know I miss you
when I'm far away from you,
and I spend hours
just thinking about you.
I miss your glance,
the way you make me happy,
I want you to be close,
and look at the aurora next to you.
Because the aurora
is the first ray of sunshine
that appears.
The stars can't leave without seeing it,
because it's their best illusion.
Because the aurora
gives its name to the most beautiful woman.
You have something magical that makes everyone fall in love.
That's why, beautiful aurora,
make him fall in love with me,
just like you have done it before,
you made fall in love the biggest lovers
in history.
endless rainbow,
shining star,
who are you?
  • 1. I know it's not part of the song, but here's the translation for what she says in the video, just if you're curious: "This song is dedicated, with all my soul, to... It's been so many years since I play this, I wrote it for my great-grandmother. And her name is Aurora. Well, I'll play this just a little, what matters is the lyrics. I hope you like it. This is just a way to tell her that I love her so much... So this is 'Aurora'..."
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