Aux arbres citoyens (English translation)

  • Artist: Yannick Noah
  • Song: Aux arbres citoyens
  • Translations: English
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To the Trees Citizens

Cement in the plains
Roles up to the mountains
Poison in the springs
[And] in our countrysides
Cyclones in rapid succession
Our history is sinking
Yet our ideal remains
"We're doing great"
Buying air in blocks
Filling the balance:
Some oildollars
Against our existence
From the equator to the poles,
This weight on our shoulders
Ephemeral squatters
Now it's no longer funny
Since we must change things
To the trees citizens!
It is high time we propose
A world for tomorrow!
To the trees citizens
Some smacks to take
Yesterday is for tomorrow
Some smacks to give
Have stand
An army of reeds
No one on their knees anymore
Pass the word
It's true the world is round
But who will come to tell us
That it is for everyone
And the others to come...
No more time to dither about who's fault
To count on luck or others
Now we fight
With you, I believe in it
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Author's comments:

Some constructs were harder than others, but it's translated line by line.


Aux arbres citoyens

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