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Avant qu'elle parte (English translation)

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Before She Leaves

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Avant Qu’elle Parte Translation:
sensless, insensitive, You love her but why do you run from her
sensless, insensitive, You love her but why do you run from her
Forgive me for all your sleepless nights
Forgive me for the lines and clashes at your inspection
Forgive me for holding out at your searches
Forgive me for leaving early and becoming a musician
All the times i forgot to respond to your messages
all the times i was supposed to see you between 2 or 3 dates
all the times where I told you a lie so you wouldn't hit me
all these times i have never doubted you once
Your Mother is a rare flower wich is cared for by your love
to deprive it of this will kill her do don't shorten her countdown
Tell her that you love her and regret the way you fought
It is hard for her to get away cause your older brothers are locked up
do my wrinkles stop me from smiling at her?
I don't want to live to see her die
your tears sting my wounds I would love to make you happy
Always I will curse the day we burry you.
And even when everyone is against you
she stays your best friend
you would love to tell her what she means to you
before she dies
but you don't dare, you don't dare, you don't dare tell her
but you don't dare, you don't dare, you don't dare tell her
(black m)
I'm sure she would love to hear a "momma, I love you"
In the place of your cries that threaten to get you kicked out
I'm sure she'd fall apart after a week without you
and that your absence would do more harm than falling off her roof.
I'm sure she'd love to be held in your arms
the same way she held you the first 12 months
I'm sure that love has blinded you
You should Love your mother, but instead you give it to some stupid girl.
(lefa & barack adama)
hours on the phonw with your girl to better remember eachother
when your mother calls you just want to hang up quickly
in front of friends you are her head, you try to teach her lessons
but you forget she held up that head while she breastfed you
believe my lyrics, You can replace lungs but surely not a mother
You Lived in her, you lived under her roof
she's the only person who prays to leave this world before you
In Her court you were never guilty
but for me, You are all tanned where she is pale
Apart from her no one puts up with your selfish ways
You are not a gift to the world but you are a gift to your mother
(maitre gim's)
I've never left
I've never changed
If this isnt my voice and my size
oh mother
it's me
I want you to approve of my fiancee
comfort me when i fall
mother where have you gone? oh
look at me
(jr. o'crome)
To simply hug you in my arms
squeeze you tight and tell you I love you one last time
rest in peace
for us you have given body and spirit
if I run out of ink I'll continue with my tears
today my momma isnt here
I've fallen from high but i could not have fallen further
buddy, don't be like a kid from Social services
if you have a mom make her happy, tell her you love her before she parts.
to all those who still have a mom
Even if death doesnt stop love
Tell them you love them
before the leave.
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Author's comments:

French Lyrics as provided, I did the english translation by myself.

There are many translations for Avant qu'elle parte-
This is mine as a Native English speaker, and qualified functioning French linguist.


Avant qu'elle parte

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