Ave Maria (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Ave Maria 7 translations
  • Translations: Catalan, English, German, Occitan, Polish, Spanish, Turkish

Hail Mary

And you walk, Mary, among the people
who gather around you as you pass by,
a hedge of gazes that do not hurt,
in the season of being a mother.
You know that in one hour’s time maybe you’ll be crying,
then your hand will hide a smile:
there’s an uncertain border between joy and sorrow
in the season that enlightens the face.
Hail Mary, now that you’re a woman,
hail the women like you, Mary,
females one day for a new love,
poor or rich, humble or a Messiah;
females one day and then mothers forever,
in the season that feels no seasons.
  • 1. This song is an ode to women and motherhood, symbolised by Mary, pregnant with Jesus; not so much for being the ‟mother of God” as for just being a mother.
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Ave Maria