Mónica Naranjo - Avui vull agraïr (Amazing Grace) (English translation)


Avui vull agraïr (Amazing Grace)

Avui vull agraïr la vida al Cel
i, amb tu, celebrar que sóc viu.
Ahir vaig patir tant...
Però això és passat:
amb tu jo vull pregar ben fort.
Avui renaixeré un altre cop:
faré que la foscor sigui llum!
Viuré sense cap por,
gaudint del món
i et tindré a prop del meu amor...
Lluitem pel que estimem...
No ho dubtis mai:
L'amor dóna sentit a aquest món!
Pel que hem sofert no ploris més:
creiem en l'esperança avui!
Agraïnt a Déu que avui sóc viu...
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English translation

Today I Want to Thank

Today I want to thank Heaven for our lives
And, with you, I want to celebrate that I'm alive.
Yesterday, I suffered so terribly...
But that is now all in the past:
I want to devoutly pray with you.
Today I shall be born once more:
I will turn the darkness into light!
I will live my life without fear,
enjoying this world
And you will be the closest one to my affections...
Let's fight for what we love...
Never have any doubt:
Love is what gives meaning to this world!
We shall prevail!
Don't cry anymore because of what we've suffered:
Today, we believe in hope!
I'm thanking God that, today, I am alive...
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