Away with it!

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Idiomatic translations of "Away with it!"

from the eyes away
Fort damit!
aus den Augen
German #1, #2, Italian
Farla franca
с глаз подальше
С глаз долой
Bort med det!
Gözden uzak
haydi ileri
Gözden Irak

Meanings of "Away with it!"


To escape

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Να ξεφεύγεις από τα δύσκολα

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Pobeci ili izvuci se

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"Away with it!" in lyrics

Eminem - Rap God

Tried to say I'll take seven kids from Columbine
Put 'em all in a line, add an AK-47, a revolver and a 9
See if I get away with it now that I ain't as big as I was, but I'm
Morphin' into an immortal, comin' through the portal

Taylor Swift - False God

Even if it’s a false god
We’d still worship
We might just get away with it
The altar is my hips

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - The Abduction from the Seraglio (libretto)

No, you can't get away with it.
Suspecting me of doing that

Jannat - Make me live longer

Take me with you, wherever you go...
I won't think twice
Take me, take my heart, and run away with it

EXO - wolf

Hey bite tight and then shake shake ‘til you lose your mind.
Hey do it in a style you’ve never tried.
Before the big full moon comes out, do away with it.

James - getting away with it all

That's the living
Getting away with it
Getting away with it
That's the living

Kino - Changes

A day taken out of the calendar
Red sun's burnt to ashes,
and the day fades away with it.
City on fire's covered with shadow.

Colonel Reyel - The One

As soon as it's getting light, you are in my mind
You haunt my thoughts, I won't get away with it
Because you have a boyfriend and he means to you, that's for sure

Misha Marvin - 1000 Reasons

The void within me is imperceptibly disappearing
Taking away with it my words of resentment
You and I are so alike, there's no need to yell

Koba LaD - Lifestyle

I remember I had nothing, I used to hang out every day in building 7
I would go from joint to joint, when I was hot I would go steal
In class I was rather violent, under no circumstances I'd let myself get away with it
I always had what it takes, often appreciated by all the girls

Đorđe Balašević - Just let there be no war*

in Branimir Ćosić street
and to the black train, too,
as if I went forever away with it.

Joachim Witt - The flood

that touches me?
When will the flood come
that takes me away with it,
to another great existence,

The Opposites - Sucker For Love

So I gave you mine
I would've kept it to myself
If I knew you would walk away with it
Now I walk around in an empty house

GionnyScandal - Where Are You?

Because at night the darkness reminds me of you
I wrote your name in the sand and
The sea later took you away with it
I’m not coming back anymore to the places where we were

Jacques Brel - Brussels

There was my grandmother
He had a way with him
She'd let him get away with it
Therefore they'd both done it

Quimby - I give myself

I switch it on and off, I switch it on and off

I shelter it, I run away with it
I get enraptured, I give myself

Barnaba - Secret

Such as my heart which is filled with stakes
You have a husband (I love him) and I have a wife
We might make away with it, let's not panic! (loh)

Fabrizio De André - What I do not have

What I do not have is a white shirt
what I do not have is to get away with it
what I do not have are his guns

Kery James - Whose fault is it?

Are you the one who chooses? Set up your company, which gets rich on your credit?
Get into the system or perish, forget your dreams in a town hall
As long as they're talking about elite, they say you can get away with it if you deserve it
But you deserve to get out of it, it's just a technique

The Nightmare Before Christmas (OST) - The Lament Of Jack [Jack's Lament]

in search of something, I don't know what
power and honor, I don't want it anymore
you can't make the pain go away with it.