Axe (USA) - Midnight Drives Me Mad


Midnight Drives Me Mad

In the middle of the nighttime,
turn around just to find that you're alone.
I know it's not the first time
you'll be sneakin' home right at the dawn.
Midnight drives me mad.
In the middle of a bad dream,
see the vision of a face with fiery eyes.
She's standing in the doorway
offering the gift of paradise.
Midnight drives me mad.  
In the middle of the nighttime,
see the body of a girl as cold as ice.
I know I've seen her somewhere,
the memory only [?] 
Midnight drives me mad.    
Midnight drives me...
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B-side of the single "Heat In The Street." Released with the title "Midnight" on the 2003 re-release of "Nemesis."

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