Ayúdame Valentina (English translation)

  • Artist: Violeta Parra (Violeta del Carmen Parra Sandoval )
  • Also performed by: Isabel Parra, los Bunkers
  • Song: Ayúdame Valentina 3 translations
  • Translations: English, French, German
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Help me, Valentina

What shall we do with so many,
so many preachers,
some of them take advantage of books,
some of them of beauriful reasons.
Some of them use many stories,
miracles and apparitions,
and some use the presence
of skeletons and scorpions.
Oh, mama.
What shall we do with so many
prayers about us,
talking in every language
about glory and this and that.
About hells and paradises,
about limbos and purgatories,
Edens and eternal life,
archangels and demons
oh mama.
Yes, they shall adore the image
of Mary,
They shall not adore any
woman or girl,
yes, no, tomorrow,
a Friday at dawn,
because to get into heaven
you need money,
oh mama.
You can see the wheat of this vineyard is not very pure.
and the darnel tries to
eat all the spikes.
It doesn't know a lot about the way
in which it has to stick in its thorn
to suck out the weakest.
That rascal is a devil,
oh mama.
What shall we do with so many
treaties from high heaven,
help me, Valentina,
for you have flown far away,
tell me once and for all
that above, there is no mansion,
tomorrow man with his reason will be bankrupt.
Oh mama.
What shall we do with so many
ambassadors of Gods,
everywhere I go
they appear with their ferocious fangs.
Hurry, Valentina,
there are more pastors now,
because the downfall
of the story of sermons is near.
Oh mama.
What shall we do with so many
spilled lies.
Valentina, Valentina, let's sweep the floor
Sirs, underground
death is sealed
and the whole body in the ground
and time turns it into nothing
oh mama, it turns it into nothing.
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Ayúdame Valentina

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