Hermética - Ayer deseo, hoy realidad (English translation)

English translation

Yesterday a wish, today a reality

It's coming true
the child dream of yesteerday
And it was for rebel
that I held on to heavy metal.
To go on tour
to take you the show live.
Praises my life,
it commits to what my wish was.
When far from the central city
horizons see me.
Sorting out routes, to reach
and show that I'm who I wanted to be.
Always sad
I was waiting for that fate.
And not to be a waste,
because from the past I'm working hard for the truth.
Let them listen
the reason of my singing.
That wherever it reaches
surely someone is feeling it.
I go without thinking in winning or losing,
enjoying every instant.
Of my dreaming, come true,
that I bid on it since kid.
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Ayer deseo, hoy realidad

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