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Aykırı Çiçek (English translation)

  • Artist: Sezen Aksu
  • Song: Aykırı Çiçek Album: Demo (2018)
    2 translations
    English #1, #2
  • Translations: English #1, #2
English translationEnglish

A Contravener Flower

Versions: #1#2
My youthness worn out
on this city's streets and stones,
I was a contravener flower1
bloomed in the pavements
I passed through2, some times in maqam huzam3,
I passed through in a rhytym of 9/8 beat 'Ağır Roman'4
Now [my life is] like a black coffee
lacking everything5 and has everything6
Who can know about the other's circumstances
The tongue doesn't tell the fight of the heart
The inner 7 intuits the secret of the veritas
Take it slow to judge, my dear, mind!
I let my voice in water
my breath in heavens
I put everything in [my songs]
[as] songs are similar to prayers
I am nothing like you
Don't try to make me alike
Either love me as I am
or cut me off8 and never reconcile [with me]
  • 1. outlandish, unconventional
  • 2. The context is both traveling through the city and music. So geçmek can mean both wandering around or 'şarkı geçmek' studying a song with a master. Traditionally a student of music would study a song with his/her tutor
  • 3. maqams (melodic modes) are believed to be related human psychological moods. maqam huzam is generally assosiated with sadness (in a romantic sense) and mystical sentiment
  • 4. A reference to the novel "Ağır Roman" by Metin Kaçan (and the movie by the same name). The name of the novel is polysemous as ağır means both heavy (dark) and slow, and roman means both novel and Romani (Gypsy / Traveler) music. So ağır roman can be taken as slow Romani or heavy novel (a novel about difficult lifes). Roman havası is a dance music which is very energetic, generally performed by Romani musicians. "slow Roman havası" is a paradox
  • 5. sugar etc.
  • 6. aroma, taste etc. Bitter but tasty.
  • 7. the heart
  • 8. don't talk to me (in a childish way)
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Aykırı Çiçek

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