Majid Al-Dehani - Aza3el El3alam (أزعل العالم) (English translation)


Aza3el El3alam (أزعل العالم)

أزعّل العالم عشانك، وأراضيك
ياللي بقلبي، ما تغير محلك !
المستحيل إني أخونك، وأجافيك
والمستحيل إني أعوفك وأملّك !
ما جيتك ألعب بالمشاعر وأخليك
وما جيت لأجل أستغفلك وأستغلك !
جيت أهدي العمر لفخامة معاليك
وأضيع بدروب المحبة، وأدلّك.. !
كيف أنشغل عنك؟ أنا منشغل فيك
ليت الشعور اللي بقلبي وصلك
وشلون ما أقدّر ظروفك وأداريك
وأنا أحشمك وأحفظ مقامك وأجلّك
‏يا لذة الدنيا، ويا نبض مغليك
روحي تفيت في وصالك وظلك
تغريني أشيائك وأتوه بمعانيك
و أقرا تفاصيلك، وبعضك، وكلك
طموحي أستحوذ على كل ما فيك
أنا معاك أشعر بحب التملك
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English translation

I would let the world be upset with me

If I had to choose between you and all other people, I would let the world be upset with me but win your satisfaction
You, whom her place in my heart never changed
It's impossible that I ever cheat on you, or be cold with you
It's impossible for me to get bored of you, or let you go
I didn't get into your world to play with your feelings then leave you behind
I didn't get into your world to fool you or use you
I came in to give my whole life to your majesty
I came in to get lost in your world, then find you
How can I ever be busy with other things over you? I'm busy with you, over everything else
I wish you know now how I really feel towards you..
How can I be mad and not understand whatever you go through
While I honor you, fully respect you, and highly value you
You, the pleasure of my world, the beat of your lover's heart
My soul settled under your trees1
Your beautiful body attracts me, and I get lost in your personality and charisma
I care to read every detail about/on you
My goal now, is to possess ALL of you
With you, I like to possess
  • 1. If life is a desert, full of challenges, thirst, sandstorms, heat and obstacles. Then the girl and her love is the oasis of that desert, where the one can rest under it's tree shadows, fulfill his emotional thirst and forget about all the real world obstacles.
“Whatever troubles that soul is reflected, magically, in the poetry. Reading Arabic poetry, therfore, is not an idle excercise. It is a trip inside the Arab soul.”
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