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Bad Girl

[Part 1 - Massimo]
I want a bad girl, a real bangin' bitch
Who gets kicked out of school cause she hooks up with teachers
Sex in the projects, down in the basement laundry room
Even a rat would have higher standards
Doesn't matter to me though, cause she's a barrio queen
Who screams my name at night so the whole damn street can hear
She's always overdrawn, gets kicked out of every club
Face like an angel and a right like Klitschko
She only keeps her head above water by grindin'
Her best friend's named Pasha, right now he's in the pound
The middle finger is her favorite word
And gang-banging's her favorite sport
Bed-Stuy, long-term unemployment, problem zone
Where the virgins don't get older than 13
This is the part for the cunts and ghetto ho's
Who dance topless after two vodka-and-red-bulls
I want a bad girl (a dirty freak!)
A bad girl (who'll fuck your bitch!)
Who laughs about what other women are like
Who'll drink me under the table and then jump my bones
I want a bad girl (a dirty freak!)
A bad girl (who doesn't just dis-- she goes off!)
Who laughs about what other women are like
Who'll drink me under the table and then jump my bones
[Part 2 a Nico]
I want a bad girl, an Amazon
She has 2 Y and 5 X chromosomes
She's a model, and the cops have to come every time she goes to an audition
She's in love, and gives me an engagement brass knuckles
Her hobbies are shoplifting clothes, fighting and fucking
She doesn't have time today, she's busy protecting her big brother
Yours is cute
Mine stands at the stove in a garter belt and cooks me her enemies for breakfast
I like pink, but she's hot even in camouflage
I eat Hot Pockets while she throws the good china at me
There's belly-dancing, fist-fighting, and getting kicked out
I wanted a bad girl, but it's getting to where I have to watch out
She's getting too bad, I'm starting to worry about breaking up
I can see it coming, this woman is crazy
"And if I die, then at least with my peepee in a pussy"
[Part 3 - Tarek]
Some day I'm going to kill that bitch, the ho is messed up
I'm chillin' with her in the subway station, she pushes me onto the tracks
Why do you have a concealed-carry permit in your drawer?
Why do you always want to use the blow-drier when I'm taking a bath?
I go for a bad girl that can keep me on my toes
Kill engaged, alarm system disconnected
The dog eats what the bitch dishes out
I'm a little worried that she put poison in the food
At war with the enemy in my bed, what weaker sex?
She screams and throws silverware, every quarrel is a duel
My girl has jaws like a pit bull
She can lift a horse like Pippi Longstocking
But I'll always be true to my lady, even if she's the end of me
This car is brand new, how come the brakes don't work?
It's visiting day, I'm on my way
I baked my baby a file in a cake
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I'm really too old to translate this kind of slang authentically, but I hope you get the idea.


Böhses Mädchen

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