Yin Xia - Bēnfàng de Xuánlǜ (奔放的旋律) (English translation)


Bēnfàng de Xuánlǜ (奔放的旋律)

我有一個小秘密 藏在我的吉他裡
跟著我的情意 唱我的旋律 讓我輕輕地告訴你
人說生活就像遊戲 成敗何必太在意
抖起你破碎苦惱地心 投入豪放地旋律
或許你想唱一支輕快的曲 細訴存有地情意
或許唱的你淚盈盈 又何妨讓他戰機
然後我們一起把淚擦去 收起沉重地憂鬱
因為只有黑暗地夜空裡 才會有閃爍地星星
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English translation

Unrestrained melody

I have a secret, hidden in my guitar
It follows my affection, it sings my melody, and it makes me tell you this softly
People say life is like a game, so whether you lose or win you shouldn't mind too much
Shake out your shattered and distressed heart, and throw yourself with no restraint / boldly into this melody
Perhaps you want to sing a quick, light melody, one that has delicate story to tell of affection
Or perhaps you want one to sing so that your eyes are filled with tears
Again, what harm is there in giving him an opportunity?
And after, we'll wipe our tears away, and be seriously saddened
Because only the darkest night sky can show the brightest of twinkling stars
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