Bağlandı Yollarım Kaldım Çaresiz (English translation)

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My Roads Got Knotted I Got Desperate

My roads got knotted I got desperate
The hereafter got opened partly to me, come
My nuisances got deepened continuously
Got successively lined up they, come, come
I wish I could see the darling at least once at week or month
What benefit I found of loving and breaking up
The grim reaper is near my chest and my life's in the verge of death
My heart got wounded, come
Karac'oğlan* says it is in destiny
My eye tears became Ceyhan* and they got flowed
My shroud got sewn my grave has been dug
Top of my grave got blacked
Come, come my dear
Come, come dear*, come
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Author's comments:

This translate is made by me.

Kara'coğlan: The man who wrote the poem. At the time it was a tradition for Turkish poets to use their names once near the ending of their poem.

Ceyhan: A river in the Mediterranean Turkey, in Adana. Poet here says that he cried that much his eye tears became like a river.

Dear: Here it says "kurban" in Turkish which used as "someone who would got sacrificed for" and can be translated as "dear"


Bağlandı Yollarım Kaldım Çaresiz

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