بقول عادي (Ba2ol 3adi) (English translation)

بقول عادي

بقول عادي
أنا المرة دي مش فارق معايا رجوع
أنا كويس ولا ببكي ولا موجوع
وموضوع الرجوع مقفول ملوش لازمة
بقول عادي
لكن بصراحة أنا بكدب ومش مرتاح
فراقك عدّى على قلبي كأنه سلاح
قتلني ببطء وغيابك طلع أزمة
ومهما ببان كويس أو طبيعي وبُعده ريّحني
مجرد سيرته ما بتيجي قصادي الشوق بيفضحني
وباخد بعضي وأمشي وأبص بلاقيني
مشيت في طريق بقولك فيه بتوحشتني
غيابك طال وبتقطّع وعمري في مرة ما ببين
وأقول ناسي وأبان قاسي وأنا حنين
طريق ومشيته من غيرك مكملتوش
بقيت واحد في بُعدك حتى معرفهوش
بقول عادي
لكني لوحدي ولا عادي ولا مبسوط
بقول عايش لكن بَعده ف بُعده بموت
وفاكره وعمري ما نسيته وده واجعني
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I say it's OK

I say it's OK
I don't care about separation this time
I'm fine, not crying and not in pain
It's done and returning to her is something I don't care about
I say it's OK
But I'm actually lying and I'm not fine
Being away from you is just like a weapon
That killed me slowly and you're absence turned out to be a problem
It's doesn't matter how much I look normal and fine as if her absence relieved me
Just hearing about her is enough to expose me
And then I go and walk to see myself
Walking in a road making me miss you more
It's been so long since you left and I'm suffering without revealing that
I say I forgot and look so cruel but I'm actually kind
I walked in that road without you and couldn't complete
After you, I became someone that I don't even know
I say it's OK
But I'm alone and not happy
I say I live normally but I'm dying actually after her
I remember her and never forgot and this is making me suffer
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