Ba7r El Ethara (بحر الاثارة) (English translation)


Ba7r El Ethara (بحر الاثارة)

اش رماني
فيك يابحر الإثاره؟
الحكي سلطان
والنظرة اماره
صورك ربي
سبحانه وخلق
ناعم الالفاظ وردي
وردي العباره
التقيتك بحر غامض في قراره
انت نجم الحب
خارج عن مداره
وانت اول غيث
يجيني خضاره
ياقمر يضوي على كل السهارى
وين ماحليت
مجلسك الصداره
يابحر من شوق
لو بحار زاره
ما تعدى الشط
ومالامس محاره
قلبك الوهاج
دفاني بناره
ياشهي البرد
ياعذب الحراره
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English translation

The Sea of Thrills

What threw me
onto you, oh sea of thrills?
Your words are a sultan
And the glance is a sign
My God shaped
and created you, glory to Him
Your expressions are soft and rosy
And your words are sweet
I found you to be a mysterious sea with all your depth
You are the star of love
flying off its orbit
And you are the first rain
that brought me greenery
You are a moon lighting the night for all people staying up
Whenever you go
You belong in the lead
Oh, you are a sea of passion
If a sailor visits you
They wouldn't get past the shore
nor be able to touch your oysters.
Your fervent heart
Warmed me with its fire
Oh, your coldness is sweet
And your heat is pure
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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