Marchelo - Baba (English translation)

  • Artist: Marchelo (Marčelo (Марчело), born Марко Шелић)
  • Featuring artist: Milan Sisojević Kendi
  • Also performed by: Nevena Glibetić
  • Album: Napet šou
  • Song: Baba
English translation


Hey, beldam, why do you hate me?
(Why do you hate me so much, beldam?)
You, you who´s leaving under. I mean in flat under.
Not under ground*...still...
You think that I am young...
Each year I am older for ten years in this country...
I am the same age as you...
She wants that I drop dead. Or that my ulcer burst.
That I see just a darkness. I´m bothering her cuz I´m alive.
Why do you hate me so, beldam, what did I do to you?
I am as old as you are...
She fights in Maxi. She frowns in post office.
She hates you from the chair where she waxes relics.
She turtles*2 quietly, she watches us on an evil way,
but hip reveals she-she totters as Pinocchio.
Tensioner always, except when she wants to complain:
then she is lovely like Rachel. She is fast as Ferrari
when she goes to vote, to meet the new era:
hand up for Ivica*3, leg down to Sloba*4.
(Beldam!) Her mustaches are antennas
for catching the gossip which she leisurely eats.
(Beldam!) She sups hundred pills per day,
and so overdosed she says that you are a drug addict.
She scans your guests,she wants the rightest details,
she bangs the radiator so that you have to talk loudly.
You can hear her in the hall,she twitters and coos.
And while you´re checking your post-she poisons your puppy. She is walking as a snail, pure farce, bel-beldam slimes. But when she sees a bus,she becomes a ninja plus ABA league. She munches while you´re speaking because on that way she swallows your words and records them!
Dokone Babe(Idly beldams), abbreviated DB*5.
She aims to...
She preaches to you by her fist and cap*6,
while she knocks with her stick to the ceiling.
She has 27 cats in a flat.
Her sugar falls down, so she has to borrow it,
because she paranoies as all hypochondriacs.
She would find a hair even in the mitochondria.
She complains about the pressure,suffers cuz rheumatism...
How then her husband dies first?
„Hahahah!” –she´s smiling. „Hahahah!” –she´s smiling. NEVER. No, she never smiles.
But she waddles with the rhythm and melody of beat:
I am between her teeth*7 even when her denture is in the jar, and I am nice, cultured, I drag her shopping bags!
A single beldam pulls out her tit and feeds her grandson...
OK...Beldams don´t do such things... maybe I exaggerated that a bit ...
Beldams! They are everywhere. (In the trolley, market, on any floor!)
Beldams! They divine that your mom will die. (And they eat pidgeons in the park!)
Purple-pearlescent hair, so awful... (really, beldam... )
Aren´t you too old for it?
They don´t give up in the bus, (beldams!)
and they became stagnant sitting in the bus. (beldams!)
Even pregnant women get up for you, (beldams!)
cuz you have the gossipy mouth...
And when you knit,you threaten with a needle,(beldams!)
And you hate us as nobody! (beldams!)
These days I will be your Raskolnikov!
They call 194*8 each second day,
so when someone really dies, they are late for half hour.
Hey... Why, beldam, why?
You really want that everyone die.
Why do you hate us so, beldams?
You just scream : Quiet, quiet...
I really don´t know how to breath more quietly!
And they always eat ice cream balls.
And they always swing when they hear the urban hits...
And this song is not important to them,
cuz they grew up listening Elvis*9.
Why you hate me so, beldam?
What did I do to you, hello? BELDAM!
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Author's comments:

* ground
2 walkin as turtles
3 former Prime Minister of Serbia
4 Serbian politician, formerly the president of Serbia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (dead)
5 knows everything
6 much
7 want to revange
8 ambulance
9 Presley



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