Haifa Wehbe - baba fen (English translation)

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where is dad

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mama..the eye of your mom
where is dad?..dad is sleep what do you want?.. I want to go to the bathroom
baby stop being naughty..or are you doing this because i love you
come on mom..open fast
baby stop being naughty
listen I will tell you..I ate the koko "chicken" I finished eating it and while eating it my hands became dirty
then listen I will tell you.. you will go to your room and you will take your towl and I will come in a second
ok enough enough enough
ok enough enough
my darling did his homework or he forget?
mama tomorrow is friday and there is no work
ok forgive me am sorry darling
mama it's ok mama it's easy mama dont worry
where is my teddy bear, the monkey, my barbi, the org, and the spiderman
ok then go to the nany, ask her, and she will bring it to you
ok enough enough
ok enough enough
oh my god it's not belevable
this is a kid in first grade
mama..yes dear
where is dad
dad is sleep..what do you want
I want to say hi for him
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