Babbu (English translation)

Sardinian (northern dialects)


Cando sa prima ‘orta tue m’as leadu in bratzos tuos
làgrimas de amore an marcadu sa cara tua.
E cando pedias azudu pro mi cambiare
ca tue timias de mi fàghere male
e a mama cun passéntzia tocaiat de bi pensare
ca tue no ischias comente mi leare.
Babbu caru, custa cantone deo cherzo dedicare a tie
a tie chi ses su sole e sa fortza ses pro a mie
A tie chi ses su prus forte in sos contos mios,
chi ses semper prontu a mi amparare.
Un’ograda e chentza faeddare
cumprendes cando deo apo
bisonzu de ti ténnere a curtzu.
Tue ses s’amigu de totu una vida.
E cando torro tristu dae iscola
e pensamentosu, e mi bies
tue m’abbàidas curiosu
e isetas de ischire.
A tie chi ses ... (x3)
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When you took me in your arms for the first time
Tears of love marked your face.
And when you asked for help to change me,
since you were afraid of hurting me,
and it was up to mum to patiently take care of it,
since you didn't know how to take me.
Dear father,I want to dedicate this song to you
to you, who are sun and strength to me
To you, who are the strongest in my stories,
always ready to protect me.
A look, without speaking
you understand when I
need to have you close.
You are the friend of a lifetime.
And when I come back sad from school
and thoughtful, and you see me
you look at me strangely
and you wait to find out.
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