Baby Brown - I Fly

  • Artist: Baby Brown

I Fly

You know what it is...? Baby Brown...!!!
You Ride with Us on Top of the Charts,
Ice Cubes full of Champagne, Pop at the Bars.
The Mailboxes are full of some Probs,
and the Rocks on the Ring Shine Like the Stars.
Dress the best outfit Like Guards,
Tell storys from the Hood and the Game and the Cars.
We flow the Rhymes like Faboloussoo,
I say HI 2 my Hater, cause theyre Girls are NOGO !!!
Follow me now 2 the World of Music,
Brown Entertainment, is the Best that u Get.
The Next Episode of High Class Music,
Listen 2 my Album, with International Tune Hitz.
Feel the Vibe of Rap and Pop,
Oriental Tunes, Number 1, Sounds Top.
My Life is Changed, My Flow is Tight,
I Got Money in the Bank and i Fly Till I Die.
I FLY....
Turn the Fucking Speakers UP in this Bullshit, Rahhh !!!
Hear My Flow in this Spot, This is Raw Shit, YEZZAAA !!!
U Better go a Fucking step 2 the Back, Cause my Rhymes in this Track,
Click, Clack... U Dont know Bitch !!!
Click Clack Boom !!!
Now i go to make a Trip, with the Lines,
With my Boyz from the Block, No Lies,
We The Bosses.
Turkey what the Deal is?
Gial Bombacloud, MERHABA we the Realest.
U Pussy Haterz are a Joke, I Dont tell It,
But I Kill U One By One Is what i´m Telling.
I Dont know what u think about this TEAM PLAY,
what the Fuck u think about, Motherfucker Ur Way.
My Team Know that, that i´m a Gangstah,
Cause i dont give a fuck about Rules,
Thats my Life Style.
And on my Way 2 the Highest TOP.
Lika a Maserati, Wrum Wrum Wrum... THATS MY JOB !!!
I FLY...
Pocket Money, spend it time 4 time,
4 My Girls 50.000 Shoes a Crime.
Shopping Sprees a Million Time,
Gucci, Tom Ford, Michael Kors some Time...
Kredit Card, I Rap the Yard, Like a Football Game
From the Super Bowl.
Call Me Alien "Baby Brown" Cause i dont give a Fuck
about it what u talk and Run Playa.
Brand New Ride, Gun on the Side,
Tuned Up, im sitting in a Porno Ride.
I Rock the Streets with Chrome and Inches,
in my Headrest Screens for my Hoes and Bitches.
White Leather and my Black Sport Seats,
Touch Screen on my Radio, it Sounds Like a BEAST !!!
Hey Hater, look at the Ride,
I Hope u know what i mean with a Gangster Ride !!!
I FLY...
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