Baccano! (OST) - Baccano vol. 1 Trailer


Baccano vol. 1 Trailer

“Don’t let anyone tell ya
‘deres no future in a life of crime
Because some rackets can last forever.”
“But we’ll get to all that immortality jazz later.”
“It’s the early 1930’s and there’s a Mafia turf war ragin’
on the mean streets of the big Apple.”
“But a simple gang land feud ain't
Scratchin' the surface of this caper.”
“This is about fedora sportin’ toughs who can’t seem to die proper
when catchin' a bullet or five between the eyes.”
“Sadistic goons and the day in day out of1
mad bombers going boom, monsters goin’ bump and yeah.”
“An immortal alchemist and a bootlegged elixir that'll bring a man eternal life.”
“Just remember, Baccano ain't about beginnings and ends,
it’s about the twists and turns—Bop.”
“Paths don’t cross in this story, they collide.”
“Every Dick and Jane is playin’ the lead, and it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!”
“A life of crime can last forever.
Baccano Volume one coming soon to DVD.”
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