Back in the world

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Back in the world (English) — This is a common expression used by military personnel coming back to their country after a foreign conflict. The world is the real world, the civilized world, the peaceful lawful world. The reality though is the world (your previous perceived world) is never the same. Each far takes it farther and farther away. You say world because it's like being on another planet, in another world as a reality for a while. When you come back it's like returning to Earth.
The expression, 'down to earth' has a very different meaning.

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"Back in the world" in lyrics

An everlasting precious love
Wait for it, wait for it, give it some time

Back in the world of disposable emotion
In the climate of temporary dreams
He wasnt looking for a notch on his bedpost

Howard Jones - Everlasting love

’Cause I’m not here
Left opened doors for you

The world keeps back in, the world keeps back in your eyes

The Carbonfools - Opened Doors

You're tired, drained, you're ready to surrender
To give up, to put an end to your sad soul
You hanged yourself and woke up from that deep coma
Everything stayed in a long dream, boy, yu are back in the world

(Chorus x2)

Porta - The story of a kid

I knew war was pointless
The horrific destruction
The barbarism of men, still
Back in the world again...

Ww Ww - Gangsta' Fodder

The love is resigned
It knows how to win and losing
It just doesn't know how to hide a feeling like this
Sometimes it's resistant
If it comes
Suddenly, when you really don't wait for it, anyway

Gusttavo Lima - Love of a Poet

They had me standing on the front line
But now I stand at the back of the line when it comes to gettin' ahead

Back in the world the paper reads today
Another war is in the brewing
But what about the lives of yesterday

Stevie Wonder - Front Line