Bada Caterina (English translation)

English translation

Catherine be careful

Catherine be, be careful,
When it's night
You have to go to bed .
With this moon, with this sea,
You can not, no you can not.
- Catherine, be careful - What' up,
- When comes the night- Yes, I know.
- Catherine, be careful - Eh eh eh
-You have to go to bed - Oh oh no
I 'd like to dance oh yeah to dance.
- Caherine, be careful- Ah, ah.
- Put, put on the pajamas,
- that light, turn off that light
Just another record, just another record and I'll sleep
dreaming of you.
- Catherine , be careful, be careful- What's up.
-There is the moon high - Yes I know.
-They all are already sleeping - Eh already.
-Turn off the record player - Oh no.
I'd like to dance, oh yeah, to dance.
- Catherine , be careful -Ah ah ah.
- Catherine, be careful, be careful-
- The window - Ah ah ah .
- Close the window - Ah ah ah.
-Here is the dawn - Oh ye
-Dawn is rising - Oh ye
-They are sleeping - Oh ye
-They all are sleeping - Oh ye
- Record player - Oh yeah
-Turn off the record player - Oh ye
- The pajamas - Oh no
- Put on the pajamas - Oh no
- Be careful, be careful - Oh no
- Catherine, be careful - Be careful, be careful
- The window - The window
- Close the window - Oh no
- Here is the dawn - Oh no
- Dawn is rising - Oh no
- They all are sleeping - Oh no
-They all are already sleeping - Eh eh already.
- Record player - Oh no
-Turn off the record player - Oh no
- The pajamas -....
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Bada Caterina

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