Greek Children Songs - Bakse Tsifliki (Μπαξε Τσιφλικι) (English translation)


Bakse Tsifliki (Μπαξε Τσιφλικι)

Πάμε τσάρκα πέρα στο Μπαξέ Τσιφλίκι
κούκλα μου γλυκιά απ' τη θεσσαλονίκη
Στου Νικάκη τη βαρκούλα,
γλυκιά μου Μαριγούλα
να σου παίξω φίνο μπαγλαμά.
Πάμε τσάρκα πέρα στο Καραμπουρνάκι
να βρεθούμε μια βραδιά στο Καλαμάκι
Κι από 'κεί στο Μπεχτσινάρι,
σε φίνο ακρογιάλι
να σου παίξω φίνο μπαγλαμά.
Πάμε τσάρκα στην Ακρόπολη, στη Βάρνα
και από 'κεί στα κούτσουρα του Δαλαμάγκα
Μαριγώ, θα σε τρελάνει
ν' ακούσεις τον Τσιτσάνη
να σου παίξει φίνο μπαγλαμά.
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English translation

Bakse Tsifliki

Let's go for a walk, far away to Bakse Tsifliki (1a)
My sweet darling from Saloniki
On the small boat of Nikos, My sweet Mary
For me to play you nicely on the baglamas (1)
Let's go for a walk, far away to Karabournaki (2)
To have an evening drink in Kalamaki (3)
And from there to Bechinaris, on the fine coast (4)
For me to play you nicely on the baglamas
Let's go for a walk to Acropolis, in Varna (5)
And from there - to "Logs of Dalamagas" (6)
Marry, I'm gonna make you tingle
As you'll listen to Tsitsanis (7)
As I'll play nicely on the baglamas
The heaven for height, and the earth for depth,
and the heart of kings is unsearchable. (Prov 25:3 KJV)
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Author's comments:

TL mine. i took the translation of Marina Boronina from ( a VK friend of mine, but she won't allow her own translations moved to this website) So I worked it over a bit.
(1a) Bakse Tsifliki, or more common, Neoi Epivates (Greek: Νέοι Επιβάτες) a small suburban town in northern Greece. It is part of the municipality of Thermaikos in the Thessaloniki regional unit.[1]
(1) baglamas, greek instrument, neck bowl-lute, similar to its bigger brother, the greek bouzouki, but pitched an octave higher. Not to mix up with the turkish baglamas.
(2) Karabournaki, the cape of Kalamaria NE of Thessaloniki
(3) Kalamaki, name of several places in Greece
(4) Bexinari or Beh Chinar was formerly called the area of Thessaloniki, which is now in the port of the city, at the height of about the third and fourth pier of the harbor. The word in Turkish means "Five plane trees" (beş-five, çınar-platani). The area was also called the "Garden of the Princes".
(5) Varna, port city by the black sea in Bulgaria
(6) Koutsoura was a famous tavern in Thessaloniki, owned by Giorgos Dalamagas, at 18 Nikephoros Fokas Street, at the intersection with Tsimiski Street.
(7) Vassilis Tsitsanis, greek songwriter and bouzouki player of the 19th century