François Villon - Ballade de la grosse Margot (English translation)

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French (Middle French)

Ballade de la grosse Margot

Se j’ayme et sers la belle de bon haict,
M’en devez-vous tenir à vil ne sot ?
Elle a en soy des biens à fin souhaict.
Pour son amour ceings bouclier et passot.
Quand viennent gens, je cours et happe un pot :
Au vin m’en voys, sans demener grand bruyt.
Je leur tendz eau, frommage, pain et fruict,
S’ils payent bien, je leur dy : « Bene stat ;
« Retournez cy, quand vous serez en ruyt,
En ce bordeau où tenons nostre estat ! »
Mais adoncques, il y a grant deshait,
Quand sans argent s’en vient coucher Margot ;
Veoir ne la puis ; mon cueur à mort la hait.
Sa robe prens, demy-ceinct et surcot :
Si luy jure qu’il tendra pour l’escot.
Par les costez se prend : « C'est l’Antechrist ! »
Crie, et jure par la mort Jesuchrist,
Que non fera. Lors j’enpongne ung esclat,
Dessus son nez luy en fais ung escript,
En ce bordeau où tenons nostre estat.
Puis paix se faict, et me lasche ung gros pet
Plus enflée qu’ung vlimeux scarbot.
Riant, m’assiet le poing sur mon sommet,
Gogo me dit, et me fiert le jambot.
Tous deux yvres, dormons comme ung sabot ;
Et, au reveil, quand le ventre luy bruyt,
Monte sur moy, qu’el ne gaste son fruit.
Soubz elle geins ; plus qu’ung aiz me faict plat ;
De paillarder tout elle me destruict,
En ce bordeau ou tenons nostre estat.
Vente, gresle, gelle, j’ay mon pain cuict !
Je suis paillard, la paillarde me suit.
Lequel vault mieux, chascun bien s’entresuit.
L’ung l’autre vault : c’est à mau chat mau rat.
Ordure amons, ordure nous assuyt.
Nous deffuyons honneur, il nous deffuyt,
En ce bordeau ou tenons nostre estat.
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English translation

Ballad of the fat Margot

If I love and serve the fine lass wholeheartedly,
shall you hold me for wicked or fool?
She possesses all the goods I could wish for.
I strap on shield and sword for her love's sake.
When people go in, I hurry to grab a mug
and fetch some wine without further ado.
I hand them water, cheese, bread and fruits.
Provided they pay well, I tell them "All is well,
come back here when you are horny,
in this brothel where we are established!"
Still at times there is much discontent
when Margot comes to sleep penniless.
I cannot stand her face, my heart burns with hatred.
I grab her dress, her belt and apron,
swearing I'll take them for payment.
She hugs her ribs and yells blue murder,
curses and swears by the name of the Christ
that she won't abide. So I grab a splinter of wood
and carve words upon her nose,
in this brothel where we are established.
Then peace is made, and she lets off a thick fart,
more swollen than a venomous dung beetle.
Then she bangs me square on the head, laughing,
talks merry and stroke my tigh.
Now we're both drunk, and sleep as logs.
As we wake up, her belly is gurgling,
she climbs on me not to waste her fruit.
I'm moaning beneath her, she flattens me like a plank.
Her fornication is the end of me,
in this brothel where we are established.
In times of gale, frost or hail, my bread gets always baked.
I am debauched, and she follows suit.
Which one is best? We are evenly matched.
Cat and mouse compete in laziness.
We relish in filth, so does filth surround us.
We flee honour, so does honour flee us,
in this brothel where we are established.
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