Ballata degli impiccati (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Ballata degli impiccati 10 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish

The hangeds ballad

Versions: #1#2
We all hardly died
swallowing our last voice
hardly kicking the sky
we saw vanish the light.
The howl crowded the sun
the air grabbed our throats
crystallized words
our last blasphemy said.
Until the end
we reminded at who’s still alive
that the price was our life
for a sin committed one time.
Then we felt in the frost
of an abandon less death
reciting the ancient creed
of who die without forgive.
Who mocked our defeat
and the extremely shame and the mood
hanged by identical strength
will learn how to deal with the rope.
Who with earth buried our bones
and quietly resumed his path
he will reach upset his own pit
with the early morning mist.
The woman that hid in a smile
her shame wile remembering us
will found every night seeing the mirror
a scory of time in her face.
Smells like blood in congeal
the hate that we grow for you all
what we once called pain
it’s now only this unfinished song.
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Author's comments:

ok, ok this is not a literal translation, I just tried to maintain the rhymes. I'm also not sure if some of them are actually real words or if theyhave the meaning i thought they had.


Ballata degli impiccati