Fairuz - Balleghouhou Ya Qamarou بلغه يا قمر (English translation)


Balleghouhou Ya Qamarou بلغه يا قمر

بلِّغه يا قمر إذ ينشر الخبر
أنّي غداةَ غدٍ يغتالني السَّهر
يا ليت يجمعنا للحبِّ موعدنا
فالشَّوق يزرعنا والبُعد يحصدنا
ولهان ينتظر والشَّوق يستعر
البيد تعرفه والليل والقمر
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English translation

Let Him Know, Oh Moon

Let him know, oh moon, that if the word were to be out,
Staying up late would kill me in the early morning of tomorrow
Oh I wish for love to bring us together
Because passion plants us but distance harvests us
A passionate lover awaits and his passion blazes
The desert knows him, and also the night and the moon
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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