Bam Teli (English translation)

  • Artist: Tarkan
  • Song: Bam Teli 8 translations
  • Translations: Arabic, English #1, #2, #3, German, Romanian, Russian #1, #2
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Open Wound/ Sore Spot

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Don't, do not push my buttons. (see note)
Do not put salt in my wound.
We sadden each other then.
Does this become us? (Is such behavior proper or flattering?)
Let's look at one another. Let's not talk.
Let's take the path from a heart to a heart. (the peaceful way)
May our tastes not run to empty places. (see note)
Let's make love. Let's not make war.
It's not right, not for you, not for me.
Come, let us shift our course toward the boundaries of love. (Let's change our way to act lovingly.)
Like flames spreading in hay (a hay fire), a single spark is enough for it. (destruction)
If we ignite, it is too late, we are smoldering ash.
These games are life-draininng tasks, blind knots (difficult to unravel)
Those who think that there is crooked and straight (see note)
Believe (me/this), they are clearly mistaken.
Come, let's return dear before it is too late.
This is a bottomless well.
If we fall, believe (me/this), we suffer. (Liiterally, we swallow a pill.)
Do not assume there is a victory in the end. (someone will win, someone will lose)
Do not assume that the advantage remains by your side (literally-see note)
There is no justice or injustice in this: (It's not about right or wrong, who deserves what)
Fire burns where it falls. (Turkish proverb: the one inflicted is the one who suffers most.)
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Author's comments:

There are many idioms/ expressions used. I tried to explain my understanding of each.

Bam teli - means like a pet peeve, hot button- the thing that someone hates most. At best, it is annoying. At worst, it provokes conflict.
Basmak - means push or press like a button, so I used the English expression "press my buttons" or do the things you know hurt me...poke me where it hurts and try to provoke me.

yarama tuz biber ekmek- literally, put salt and pepper in my wound.
Basically, he is saying do not exacerbate the situation.

May our tastes not flee to empty places. (literally) May our tastes or experiences not sour.
(May we not allow our tastes (for conflict, gain, whatever)
to sour our souls/life so we end up no place.)

Those who think that there is crooked and straight (think in black and white or believe things are so simple/cut and dry)

Do not assume that the advantage remains by your side. (Do not suppose that there are no consequences or bad cannot happen. Do not think you will always have the upper hand, profit, benefit.)

Aman - can be used like an expletive to show strong emotion like "for God's sake!" or "Enough!"

bal gibi - literally like honey, can be used like the expression "as true as I am standing here" or certainly


Bam Teli

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