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Bambi II (OST) lyrics

Song Title, Album, Language
Alles lebt [There Is Life]German
Bambi 2 – Der Herr der Wälder
Als het weer lente wordt [First Sign of Spring]Dutch
C'est la vie [There Is Life]French
Der Er Liv [There Is Life]Danish
Despertar [There Is Life] (European Portuguese)Portuguese
Det er liv (There is Life)Norwegian
Det finns liv [There Is Life]Swedish
Bambi 2
Een nieuw begin [There Is Life]Dutch
Elämä [There Is Life]Finnish
Bambi 2
Élet vár [There is Life]Hungarian
Bambi II (OST)
Es fühlt sich nach Frühling an [First Sign of Spring]German
Bambi 2 – Der Herr der Wälder
First Sign of SpringEnglish
Bambi II
First Sign of Spring (Hebrew)Hebrew
First Sign Of Spring (Icelandic)Icelandic
Hayat Var [There Is Life]TurkishEnglish
Il tuo mondo [Through Your Eyes]Italian
İlk Bahar Gelince [First Sign Of Spring]Turkish
Jaro zas našlo nás [First Sign of Spring]CzechEnglish
Kevät kun koittaa taas [First Sign of Spring]Finnish
Bambi 2
La primavera al fin [First Sign of Spring] (Latin Spanish)Spanish
Bambi 2
Når vi ser tegn av vår (First Sign of Spring)Norwegian
Nu Er Der Forårs Tegn [First Sign Of Spring]Danish
Pánta Zei | Πάντα Ζει [There Is Life]GreekRussian
Primavera Voltou [First Sign of Spring] (European Portuguese)Portuguese
Primera señal de primavera [First Sign of Spring] (EU Spanish)Spanish
Bambi II: el principe del bosque
Primul Semn Al Primăverii [First Sign Of Spring]RomanianEnglish
Proljeća prvi znak [First Sign of Spring]CroatianEnglish
Quand revient le printemps [First Sign of Spring]French
Quando a Primavera Chegar [Firts Sign of Spring] (Brazilian Portuguese)Portuguese
Sempre insieme [First Sign of Spring]Italian
Tavaszi boldogság [First Sign of Spring]Hungarian
Bambi 2. – Bambi és az erdő hercege
Tha'maste ankaliá | Θα'μαστε αγκαλιά [First Sign Of Spring]Greek
There Is LifeEnglish
Bambi II
There Is Life (Arabic)Arabic
There Is Life (Hebrew)Hebrew
Through Your EyesEnglish
Bambi II
Už vráť sa jar [First Sign of Spring]Slovak
Bambi 2
Vai Brotar [There Is Life] (Brazilian Portuguese)Portuguese
Våren är här igen [First Sign of Spring]Swedish
Bambi 2
Viață E [There Is Life]Romanian
Vida hay [There Is Life] (EU Spanish)Spanish
Bambi II: el principe del bosque
Vida hay [There Is Life] (Latin Spanish)Spanish
Bambi 2
Wiosna jest tuż, tuż [First Sign of Spring]PolishTransliteration
Život nov [There Is Life]CroatianSerbian
Życie trwa [There Is Life]PolishTransliteration
Það er líf [There Is Life]Icelandic
Жизнь жива (Zhizn' zhiva) [There Is Life]Russian
Бэмби 2
Нов живот (Nov život) [There Is Life]BulgarianTransliteration
Първият знак на пролетта (Pǎrviyat znak na proletta) [First Sign of Spring]BulgarianEnglish
С первым лучом весны (S pervym luchom vesny) [First Sign of Spring]Russian
Бэмби 2
ได้ผลิบาน [There Is Life]Thai
いのちの歌 (inochi no uta) [There Is Life]JapaneseEnglish
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There Is Life (Slovak) Slovak 
First Sign of Spring (Arabic) Arabic 
First Sign Of Spring [Thai] Thai 
First Sign of Spring [Japanese] Japanese 
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