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For dancing in the streets1
For the fear when kissing2
For my sister, your sister, our sisters
For changing rotten brains3
For shame of money-lacking4
For yearing of just normal life
For garbadge boy and his dreams5
For this planned economics6
For this polluted air7
For Valiasr8 and it's worn-out trees9
For Piruz and his possible extinction10
For dogs, innocent but banned11
For tears with no end
For this moment will never happen again12
For smiling faces
For students, for future
For this forced heaven13
For the national elite imprisoned
For Afghan children14
For all this "for"s with no repeat
For all this empty chants15
For houses, collapsing like card ones16
For the feel of peace
For the sun after long nights
For pills of nerves and insomnia
For men, homeland, development17
For girls wishing to be boys18
For women, life, freedom
For freedom
For freedom
For freedom
  • 1. In Iran dancing is prohibited in public
  • 2. Kissing in public is prohibited
  • 3. Rahbar and mullas that took the power and holding it for long decades
  • 4. GDP per capita there is about the same as in Bosnia or Albania, the country is very poor indeed despite of bottomless oil barrel right under the feet
  • 5. The reference to a video with a boy collecting garbadge in the streets, who, being asked "What's your dream?" answers "Dream - what's this?"
  • 6. Level of state regulation in economics is very high, the highest in Middle East, almost all the main enterprises are state-running and there are even fixed prices, of course, it causes regular economical crisises
  • 7. Because of sanctions there is no modern automotive industry so the air in cities is exremely polluted by non-ecological car exhausts
  • 8. One of the main and the longest streets of Tehran, along it there is an area of coffeshops and westernized public
  • 9. It means ecological problems with lack of attention. With no maintain trees are drying up and die. In a city where +45 it's a normal temperature it is a problem if there is no shade of trees
  • 10. Once again a reference to ecology and the state's disregard for it. Piruz is the name of the last one Asian cheetah cub in Iran
  • 11. It is prohibited to have dog and walk it, sometimes raids to capture and kill dogs occur
  • 12. At the photo in the clip there is wrighter Hamid Esmailion sitting with his 9 y.o. daughter Rira who died in flight 752 crush in 2020 when the plane was hit by AA rocket over Tehran
  • 13. Strict moral norms forcedly implemeting into society, officially leading the people to the heaven, actually causing situations like with Mahsa Amini
  • 14. Afghans in Iran have very few rights and low social status, their children have no right to school education and thus have to work
  • 15. While children in schools are forced to chant igeological slogans like "death to America", the children of rahbar itself live exactly in this America, and live very freely
  • 16. Because of poverty and corruption in the building supervision houses are very badly emgineered and build so it causes their collapse sometimes. The most well-known event was the collapsing of Metropol building in Abadan
  • 17. A chant-reply to "women, life, freedom" using to show it is not just a feminist protests but a protests of all the society against the dictatorship
  • 18. Because of inequality some things are forbidden for women, there are many manifestations of glass ceiling, so women are pity they're not men who have way more opportunities
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