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برای (Barāye) (English translation)


برای توی کوچه رقصیدن
برای ترسیدن به وقت بوسیدن
برای خواهرم، خواهرت، خواهرامون
برای تغییر مغزها که پوسیدن
برای شرمندگی، برای بی‌پولی
برای حسرت یک زندگی معمولی
برای کودک زباله‌گرد و آرزوهاش
برای این اقتصاد دستوری
برای این هوای آلوده
برای ولیعصر و درختای فرسوده
برای پیروز و احتمال انقراضش
برای سگ‌های بی‌گناه ممنوعه
برای گریه‌های بی‌وقفه
برای تصویر تکرار این لحظه
برای چهره‌ای که می‌خنده
برای دانش‌آموزا، برای آینده
برای این بهشت اجباری
برای نخبه‌های زندانی
برای کودکان افغانی
برای این‌همه «برای» غیرتکراری
برای این‌همه شعارهای توخالی
برای آوار خونه‌های پوشالی
برای احساس آرامش
برای خورشید پس از شبای طولانی
برای قرص‌های اعصاب و بی‌خوابی
برای مرد، میهن، آبادی
برای دختری که آرزو داشت پسر بود
برای زن، زندگی، آزادی
برای آزادی
برای آزادی
برای آزادی
  • ولیعصر:

    خیابانی در تهران

  • پیروز:

    نام یک یوزپلنگ ایرانی

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Versions: #1#2#3#4#5#6
For dancing in the streets (1)
For the fear when kissing (2)
For my sister, your sister, our sisters
For changing the rotten brains (3)
For the shame of inability to provide, for being penniless (4)
For yearning of just a normal life
For the dumpster diving boy and his dreams (5)
For this planned economy (6)
For this polluted air (7)
For Valiasr street (8) and it's tired dying trees (9)
For Piruz and his possible extinction (10)
For the massacre of the innocent dogs (11)
For these never ending tears
For the dream of a moment that will never happen again (12)
For the smiling faces
For the students, for future
For this heaven being forced on you (13)
For the imprisoned intellectual elite
For the discriminated Afghan children (14)
For each and every one of all of these "for"s
For all these empty propaganda chants (15)
For the houses in rubble, collapsing like a house of cards (16)
For the feel of peace
For the sun after long nights
For all the pills for nerves and insomnia
For men, homeland and prosperity
For the girls wishing they were boys (17)
For women, life, freedom
For freedom
For freedom
For freedom
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Author's comments:

• 1. According to moral codes rooted in sharia laws which are forced on the society dancing in public is prohibited
• 2. Kissing or any sign of affection in public is considered indecency and is prohibited
• 3. Supreme leader is not answerable to anyone and the state is based on patriarchal system of ruling old mullas.
• 4. GDP of Iran is about the same as Bosnia or Albania, despite of bottomless oil and natural reserves.
• 5. Reference to a young boy dump diving in the streets, being asked by a reporter "What is your dream?" innocently answers "Dream? – what is a dream?"
• 6. In Iran almost all of the lucrative enterprises are state-run or owned by crony oligarchs who plunder wealth of the country together.
• 7. Air pollution in Tehran and other Iranian large cities are among the highest in the world.
• 8. Longest street of Tehran stretching 20km
• 9. Trees along this street were planted over a 100 years ago
• 10. Reference to state’s disregard for ecological matters. Piruz is the name of one of the last living Iranian cheetah cubs.
• 11. It is prohibited to own a dog or walk it. Raids to capture and kill dogs are not uncommon.
• 12. In the music video a clip shows a photo of Dr. Hamid Esmailion sitting with his 9 y.o. daughter Rira who was killed in Ukrainian commercial flight PS752 in 2020 shot down by two rockets fired by Iranian Revolution Guard Corps over Tehran.
• 13. Strict moral codes rooted in fundamentalist Islamic iteration forced on society which lead to Mahsa Amini’s murder.
• 14. Afghan refugees in Iran have very limited rights, Until recently their children did not have the right to attend school.
• 15. Children in schools on daily basis are forced to chant state prescribed propaganda in form of ideological slogans like "death to America" or prescribed prayers to the Supreme Leader.
• 16. Because of poverty, corruption and lack of proper building codes and supervision many buildings are poorly built resulting in their collapse and mass casualties.
• 17. Because of inequality

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florboxflorbox    Fri, 04/11/2022 - 06:03

Thank you for the translation. Can you please give us link with a video about that boy you are mentioning in the fifth comment ("Reference to a young boy dump diving in the streets, being asked by a reporter "What is your dream?" innocently answers "Dream? – what is a dream?).
Is there a video of the reportage?
Thanks in advance, stay strong!

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