Paula Fernandes - Barco de Papel (English translation)

English translation

Paper ship

Since when you left me
I felt very close to the end
I cried for love, during weeks
I made an enormous sea around me
Now I want you to know I am
So lost, dizzy, in this place
I dived into tears of pain
I am so lost, I don't know how to find myself
And no use to try to swim
I don't see anything else than the water and sky
My baby, come fast to find me
Even if you come by a paper ship
Ooohh, no way*
Be nice and come to save me
Ooohh, no way*
Desert island, alone, it can't be anymore
It can't be anymore, anymore
Being alone here, it can't be anymore
Submitted by dowlenon1 on Sun, 17/06/2012 - 21:18
Author's comments:

*Nananinanão is something we speak in Portuguese to state we are not going to do that thing in no way, under any circumstances, so it is an ultimate answer. It is also a cuter way to say you don't agree to do something for someone.


Barco de Papel

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