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Black Boat

In the morning I feared you'd find me repulsive,
Shaking I awoke lying in the sand
But right away your eyes told me "no"!
And the sun penetrated my heart.
I then saw a cross on a rock
And your black boat dancing in the light...
I saw your arm waving among the open sails...
The old women of the beach say you will not return.
They're mad... they're mad!
I know, my love, you haven't even departed,
For everything around tells me you are always with me.
In the wind that throws sand on the windows
In the water that sings in the dying fire
In the heat of the bottom of empty ships
In my heart you are always with me
I know, my love, you haven't even departed.
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Barco Negro

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algebraalgebra    Thu, 27/01/2011 - 13:28

Está linda sua tradução, parabéns! Eu adoro a música de Amália. 8)

A propósito, entre em contato conosco caso você esteja tendo problemas técnicos para adicionar uma segunda tradução em uma mesma língua. Até logo =)

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