Juan Pardo - Caballo de Batalla (English translation)

English translation

Battle horse

Somebody walking on my track
is repeating what I do
and that's not right my friend
each one writes its path and song
Is not that I'm disturbed to be followed
because after all, who am I?
a worn horse who defends
his bolt, his path, his mare and his voice.
Horse that comes close to my mare
why you come kicking
why you call her attention
you consider me old and weary
teasing in your gallop
this poor heart.
You'll be able in a not far future
to court my white mare
when you know I'm not around.
Because if you're young you're not wise
and one must give time to time
and learn the lesson.
Because if you're young I'm fierce
little horse who gallops
to be a conqueror.
The one who sreams a lot is not stronger
Running just because is neither good
Because one has to reach having wine
Is not the way but the walking
And I finish my advices
For whoever wants to remember
The future is in the unripe fruit
As long as it has time to ripen.
Oh! Battle horse
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Caballo de Batalla

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