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Be off (English) — Also "set sail", both means "to leave without coming again"

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"Be off" in lyrics

Like it when you and I spend a whole day without going out,
I want you anyway, I'm gonna "speak" you all night !
I like it, even if it'll stay with exacerbations,
May every new day be off its feet with feelings. But I...

Gradusy - Naked

Will guide their steps
That the last times arrive or
We can speak
Then lets be off-hand
Soyons désinvoltes
Soyons désinvoltes

Noir Désir - Tostaky

Mami got the ass and thighs like Trina and J. Lo
Multiply it she's off the chain
off the glass, off the flip and
with a couple more drinks I'll be off the hip maaayn...
I'll be wearin' her out and when I'm finished
paramedics gon' be carryin' her out maaayn... (That's right)

Pitbull - Culo remix

Well, when you go
don't ever think I'll make you try to stay.
And maybe when you get back
I'll be off to find another way.

And after all this time that you still owe,

My Chemical Romance - I Don't Love You

Y Empieza en mi alma
Y Yo perder todo control
Cuando tu beso mi nariz
Los Sentimientos parecen (This line may be off, I dont understand "show")
Porque tu me hacen sonreír bebé
Tómese tu tiempo

Colbie Caillat - Bubbly

is it possible that I fell in love with the same woman
why her to cacth my attention
and did she see in me apart from you
even if she would be off with you, i know that,
brother, you'll be forever alone without me

Bojan Bjelic - brother

Cotter off, I took all day, all night. Boozed the summer away, skipped work.
Cotter off, I took all day, all night. Drop it, drop it! Boozed the summer away, skipped work.
Oo-oo-oo-o-oo-oh! Cotter off, yeah! Cotter off, yeah! Drop it, drop it!
Yee-ee-e-ee-eh! Boozed the summer away, skipped work. Drop it, drop it!

Cheek - Cotter off

But my youth gives me a cruel look,

And says "It’s time for me to be off"

I am going back to other stars

Carla Bruni - Ma Jeunesse

I've learned from things I've done
Things I've seen near my door
There in my district where money was always missing, nothing we took easily
But it was kinda easy to be off then
People close to me they'd deal drugs
I used to use to leave misery

Ison & Fille - I'm Laughing Today

Go tell your friends about it (about it)
Go tell your friends about it (about it)
Go tell them what you know, what you seen
How I roll, how I be off that coke
Go tell your friends about it (about it)
Go tell your friends about it

The Weeknd - Tell Your Friends

I said about five minutes away
One more stop and I will be off this train
I'm free any day of the week
Always losing some sleep

Louisa Johnson - So Good

Until yesterday, it seems it was here
What did I do?

For now, I'd better be off
There's nothing left in this room

Maaya Sakamoto - A Song for the Tail

Soon enough
A pitch black morning will come when we'll just wink out
Once you change into your favorite clothes,
we'll be off!

L’Arc-en-ciel - Driver's High

You’re over me, you’re over me
I howl at your room like a wolf to the moon going crazy
Ring one more time, I won’t be off [?]
Guess I’ll sit and wait all night with my cup of tea

Carly Rae Jepsen - Cup Of Tea

Begin to give value to what you can't see

Longing/nostalgia for your manner, your smell, your savour
Longing, be off!... What happend to my love?
Saudade, vai embora o que é feito, o meu amor

Angelico - Longing

We awake all night, who knew it?
I got a dark soul, you could never see through it

By the time you on it I'll be off it
By the time you get it I'll be done wit' it
You know that we be going lightspeed ahead

Dev - Lightspeed

Chorus: If summer was now (3x)

I'd be off to the sea

Pohlmann - If summer was now

Here I'm everywhere, I'm inspired by you but you're not here no more
Baby all french hoods telll me I'm an artist
Maybe I have to hold you back
Have to take you, that we must be off
But mom should live better, mom deserves an empire
I didn't all do to get lost but I'm lost

SCH - Hello mom

Its hollow song "where are you?"
All of my mail is overflowing
On your doorsteps
It must be off-season

A city withers

Francis Cabrel - Off-season

I don't care what was in the "before" and what kind of the sun's shining now
If you ask me I'll with you, believe me
When the lights will be off we'll see the sunset in the distance
Again the days will be bright, I'll forget my aims

Vintage - Kill My Business

I love pissin' you off, it get's me off,
like my lawyer's, when the fuckin' judge let's me off,
all you motherfuckers gotta do is set me off,
I'll violate and all the motherfuckin' bet's be off,
I'm a lit fuse, anything I do bitche, it's news,
pistol whippin' motherfuckin' bouncers, six-two,

Eminem - Soldier

I want you anyway,
I'm gonna "speak" you all night !
I like it, even if it'll stay with exacerbation,
May every new day be off its feet with feelings.
But I...

Julia Volkova - Naked

I love my motherland, for fuck's sake,
Whom else would I love if not her?
She has YO-mobiles
And YO-roads,[fn]A mocking reference to the widely-publicised project of a mass-produced Russian automobile called Ё-мобиль (<a href="">YO-mobile</a&gt;). The project was never completed although the automobile was officially in the works from 2010 to 2014. Moreover, the name Ё-мобиль is also an object of derision because the Russian obscene language has many curses starting with the letter ё (Ё, read like "yo") and even the interjection "ё!", sounding like "yo!", can be translated as "fuck!". Thus, the words и "мобили-Ё", и "дороги-Ё" ("[she has] YO-mobiles and YO-roads") imply that Russia has bad automobiles and bad roads, although there is no road called YO-road.[/fn]
There's something about her that's totally for me.
I could also sing about fields and poplars,[fn]Russian nature is praised in many folk songs and other forms of Russian folklore.[/fn]

AnimatsiYA - Motherland

I'm not alone
I got, I got a good thing
Doesn't really matter boy what you have
I don't need no rock to be off the block
No more tears you bring, gonna change a thing
What we have is so real

Thalía - Baby, I'm in love

If you hold the head steady, I'm a milk the cow
And forget about game, I'm a spit the truth!
I won't stop till I get em in their birthday suits!
So gimme the rhythm and it'll be off wit their clothes
Then "bend over to the front! and touch your toes!"
I - left the Jag I took the Rolls

Usher - Yeah!

Steel and glass

Your phone don't ring no one answers your call
How does it feel to be off the wall

Well your mouthpiece squawks as he spreads your lies

John Lennon - Steel And Glass

Resurrect, I never left, baby, I'm bad
I've gone mad, my comrade Dre-zie automatically
Says I'm too broke to fix, way beyond that
I may be off drugs, but it's made me off track
In fact, this right here very well could be the last rap
I ever do spit, I'll never do shit, that's that

Eminem - The Re-Up

New day brings hope, I am free, just like before.
Yes, i can hear the music of dawn, who else is ready for it?

Yes, the road is calling me, be off you boredom, be off anxiety!
Into the distance, ahead, to meet the wind, and listen to the music of the dawn.

Arktida - A New Day

Tryna stay above water, that's why we shun the navy
Pull your guns and play me, let's set it off
Cause a riot, throw a Molotov, somebody told me them pirates had got lost
Cause we been off them slave ships
Got our own pyramids, write our own hieroglyphs

Kendrick Lamar - HiiiPower

[Verse 2: Orelsan]
Go, play the slut, gives you a show
When you will sleep in the street, you will always be off the plate
You will get stomach cramps, but that's not the jitters
When your kids are hungry, try to play them guitar

Casseurs Flowters - So easy

I just hold money, don't hold me up
Rolling in more green than a hole in one
You got more than me? Then shit roll somethin'
See I be off of that tree, people tell me I shouldn't be
But early on, my mom taught me that everything green is good for me
I wake up to three girls, my role model is Hugh Hef

Big Sean - All I Know

Not that it get too serious
I can't give you what you want
Maybe we should break it off
I don't wanna call it back
Help me figure out

Pixie Lott - Want You

Now I'm justified as I fall in line
And it's hard to try when you're open wide

Take my hand, we'll be off and then
We'll come back again to a different land
Now I like this way, you can go away

Breaking Benjamin - Firefly

And that handsome face
You say you’re all mine now

Oh baby from now on, let’s not be off and on
(Never leave me, never leave me, call call call)
You’re perfect for me

Flying Girls - Girl's Hot

It's been a long time, I've been walking by the riverside,
Walking and cursing my own fate.
All hope was gone,
And, still, I'd be off to the sea in the morning.

And I noticed, that I feel at ease,

Mashina Vremeni - People in boats

I shoulda known when to put it down
But I won’t be told that one more sip
And I’ll be off the cliff
But at least I made it home

J.J. Essen - Shouldna

Perhaps, as the call of life in us finds no end,
at the hour of our death we are still
to be faced with novel spaces. walk on then,
be off, be well!,
oh sweet heart of ours.

Hermann Hesse - Phases

It's five O'clock, just got paid
I'll be off the next two days
No more workin' like dogs
No more leash, no more boss

Jake Owen - Yee Haw

For bad behaviour you'll pay
So start being civil
Courteous too
Or it will be off
With your head

Princess Chelsea - Ice Reign

Lazy afternoon strolls make for her howls
At the trees
Going home with trouble written in dirt on
Her knees
There's nowhere else to be
Off into the long grass I want her to drag me away

The Last Shadow Puppets - She Does Τhe Woods

See the boys next door,
On their way to Magaluf.
Matching t shirts they’re school leavers,
It’s gonna be off the hook.
But I just lay under northern sky with you,
Until our lips turn from red to white to blue.

Nina Nesbitt - Brit Summer

And still, you see, old chap
when my last hour comes
I might well die in the gutter,
and you will be off to the pound.

Édith Piaf - The broad and the mongrel

Time flies by fast, there's so much we haven't done yet

I know you think about things that aren't allowed
Just say the word and we'll be off
Let's hurry quick, there's so much we haven't done yet

Unnur Eggerts - We Bolt Away

Would you find it in your heart?
To make this go away
And let me rest in pieces
Look at me, my depth perception must be off again
You got much closer than I thought you did
I'm in your reach

Saliva - Rest In Pieces

Ready or not daddy's gonna give his blessing
On a shotgun wedding

My white dress might be off a shade
But it still gonna be my perfect day
And knowing the redneck side of the room

Jamie Lynn Spears - Shotgun Wedding

I just hold money, don't hold me up
Rolling in more green than a hole in one
You got more than me? Then shit roll somethin'
See I be off of that tree, people tell me I shouldn't be
But early on, my mom taught me that everything green is good for me
I wake up to three girls, my role model is Hugh Hef

Big Sean - Life Should Go On

and I was happy to have my two earphones
to tell myself that not everything is so simple
and that people judge you based on your clothes
Photographs of birthdays when I am blowing off candles
child with the look of a winner that just beat the time
I want to hide and stay there in a corner forever

Rapsodos Filologos - Photographs

And I don't know why I'm even still here
Can't shake it off, I've been here for years on top of years
And I, I'm ready to, I'm ready to, be off of you
'Cause I admit, that baby I, I just may be stuck on you
(I just may be stuck on you)

Kehlani - In My Feelings

And drowned;
Finally flayed alive.

runs off in a rage


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - The Abduction from the Seraglio (libretto)

With you, you make me alive, alive

Oh yeah, the walls are caving in
Would it be off to say we won't be home again?
Drowning in a sea of heartache and hypocrisy
I thought I'd be the one that unscathed

LP - Free to Love

Satan has a hold of France!

We need to knock him off his perch!


The Book of Mormon (musical) - Two By Two

and it'll painfully endure
and so I wish I was someone else
and the jukebox plays and there's nothing I can do
and soon the lights will be off
and they'll clean the floors

Maija Vilkkumaa - Cleaning the floors

When I look at you my eyes are like a cat’s meow
It won’t be easy trying to get me off
Uh-huh uh-huh
You have to be detailed right or you’ll be off
It was a pity this time around
Should I take a breath and focus now?

Cosmic Girls - Catch Me

Its empty song “where are you?”
All my mail overflows
Your holiday home's doorstep
It must be off-season

A town fading away

Francis Cabrel - Off-Season

If the checks don't clear,
If the house blows down

I'll be off where the weeds run wild
where the seeds fall far from this Earth-bound town,
and I'll start to soar, watch me rain till I pour

Mark Evans - Flight

Thank you Jesus, thank you lord
I had an arrangement to meet a girl, and I was kind of late
And I thought by the time I got there she'd be off
She'd be off with the nearest truck driver she could find
Much to my surprise, there she was sittin in the corner
A little bleary, worse for wear and tear

The Rolling Stones - Far Away Eyes

she was sleeping, I asked her last night,
wait for me
maybe I’ll be off earlier tonight
she nodded yes, but she knows me
now I stand before you, I’m still hanging in the pub again

Andre Hazes - She Believes in Me

I'm defying the hours, riding eternally
I'm defending faded senses of honor
I'm bending over life without ever touching it
I'm fantasising over loves yet I must be off
Never do I go if not wandering
Never do I go if not erring

Michele Contegno - Short story of a Knight-Errant

Five hundred miles away at sea.

Bay after bay and port after port
I Stay for one night to be off again.
You are there to keep me warm,
You are there by me in my arm,

Santiano - 500 miles

I wish you could meet my girlfriend,
But you can't because she is in Canada.
I love her, I miss her, I can't wait to kiss her,
So soon I'll be off to Alberta!
I mean Vancouver!
Shit! Her name is Alberta, she lives in Vancou-

Avenue Q (musical) - My girlfriend, who lives in canada

Who is present, is present, who comes, that comes
May the candles burn and song resound
Tonight not one of us will wander alone
Beauty and grief will be off of our chests

White lilac flowers and trains pass

Naised köögis - It's Not Only the Job for Gnats and Hedgehogs

among all blessed gods,
for those who wear their lovely garlands
in a spirit of harmonious joy? 480
This is his special office,
to lead men together in the dance,

Euripides - (4) The Bacchae (Scene I & Choral Interlude I)

The queen likes them red
And you know, between us
If she sees a white rose
It'll be off with our heads
My god!
So, with a trembling brush

Alice in Wonderland (OST) - Painting the Roses Red

while I lead him through the city, mincing
as he moves along in women's clothing, 1050
after he made himself so terrifying
with all those earlier threats. Now I'll be off,
to fit Pentheus into the costume
he'll wear when he goes down to Hades,

Euripides - (6) The Bacchae (Scene III & Interlude III)

Its storms banish the town
Behind shrouds of mist
And no one sails from the quay
It must be off-season

Francis Cabrel - Off-Season

What's wrong with you and you're sad, my friend ?
Tell me about what you're thinking and you seem to be off.
"I have a heartache that doesn't seem to go away,
since she broke up on me and has gotten over me..."

Tasos Fotinias - For a woman

DIONYSUS: To spoil you? That's true, but in my own way.

PENTHEUS: Then I'll be off to get what I deserve. 1200 [970]

[Exit Pentheus]

Euripides - (7) The Bacchae (Scene IV & Interlude IV)

Now I know, if you were more dead, we'd fight less
If you were more dead we'd get along more
We'd be off better with a bit more will
Let's both give our best efforts!

Mortal Kombat - If you were more dead

Then he gave one flash of his glass-green eyes
And the signal went 'All clear'
They'd be off at last for the northern part
Of the Northern Hemisphere

Cats (musical) - Skimbleshanks The Railway Cat

I just hold money, don’t hold me up
Rollin’ in more green than a hole in one
You got more than me, then shit, roll some
See I be off of that tree, people tell me I shouldn’t be
But early on my mom taught me that everything green is good for me
I wake up to 3 girls, my role model is Hugh Hef

2AM Club - Mary

The pillow in my arms, imagine it’s her I hug
Oli, solid, strange and strong
Alien of a lonely microphone
It’s late I know, soon people will be off to work
But here Morpheus’s arms I lurk,
So I breathe, I take a moment,

Bigflo et Oli - In My Bed

Some days, I wish I could go back to
Erase all the games and bullshit I put you through
And other times, I'm thinking
Easy to be off you
I don't see you, I don't call you
Then you call me, oh damn

Sevyn Streeter - Been A Minute

“I have answered three questions, and that is enough,”
Said his father; “don’t give yourself airs!
Do you think I can listen all day to such stuff?
Be off, or I’ll kick you downstairs!”

They Might Be Giants - You are old, Father William

Face rides, yeah, what up your nose
Ah, Dej ain't nothin' like your hoes
25, but I got a old soul
I be off the gin and juice, I'm feeling you, yeah, I'm into you
All of that shit you do, I'm into you
Homie, lover, friend, like the old days

Sevyn Streeter - Ol Skool

I know that you're an angel,
though you could never stay true (you could never stay true)
Hey angel, I think your halo has a screw loose,
'cause you dropped me like a brick off the rooftop of your high school
Could I watch the next time you're applying your eyeliner?
I waste all my time just thinking of you

Brand New - Moshi Moshi