to be fed up with

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to be fed up with (English) — To be annoyed with someone or a situation.

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to be fed up with — mainis sa isang sitwasyon o tao

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Translations of "to be fed up with"

CzechMít toho + po krk/plné zuby
DanishJeg brækker mig
FrenchEn avoir ras-le-pompon
FrenchEn avoir ras-le-bonbon
FrenchEn avoir marre de
FrenchEn avoir ras-le-bol de
FrenchEn avoir ras-le-cul
FrenchEn avoir ras-la-casquette
Germandie Schnauze voll haben
HungarianTorkig van vele
ItalianAverne abbastanza
Persianاز چيزي / كسي سير شدن
PolishMieć czegoś powyżej uszu.
PolishMieć czegoś dość.
PortugueseEstar por aqui com
Romaniana i se lua de
RussianСыт по горло
SlovakMať toho + po krk/dosť/plné zuby
SpanishEstar harto/a de
TurkishBir şeyden bıkmak
UkrainianСитий донесхочу

"to be fed up with" in lyrics

Keep walking, on-rails gameplay
Or bowing your head on the occurring race
Every day scrambling against someone for points
Look, soon I'm going to be fed up with it all

Protecting the opportunities of the young and old, dying in vain reluctantly

REOL - This World: Loading...

I hit the road (from this town)
I leave all this behind
I am starting to be fed up with the power of timecards
Don't wanna work for what I get no respect for [1]

Pelle Miljoona - Let's hit the road

The time has come for me to be fed up with lies
I say I go escape from the kidnappings
And even if something holds me back, I'm patient
My life is a storm on a paper island.

Get away from my heart, glass joy

Fotini Velesiotou - Glass Joy