Ehab Tawfik - El Ayam El Helwa (الايام الحلوة) (English translation)

English translation

Beautiful Days

Beautiful days … beautiful days
Pass by in seconds
Beautiful days … beautiful days
Never come back again
The taste of love has changed … the time of happiness is little
The biggest moment of affability, of love, of honesty … is short
What is sweet is getting bitter … the same wound is getting cut again
We hurt, we harm …we harden and we aggrieve
And our mistake is justified
We bid the one we love farewell … we lose what is already in our hand
The one who forgot us … still lives inside us… and the one who respects us
We betray him… betray him … betray him
There are no dear ones by your side in adversity…there are no relatives when you cry
They are all absent in your hurt, your happiness, your bitterness, your fire, your pain
The cord of amiability has been weakened … the taste of oppression makes the hair grows grey
The time of honesty … the time of goodness
Has become something to be ashamed of
We fake the meaning of love … we cuff the voice of truth
And the one who harmed us … lives in our soul … and one who hurt us
We would be right to him… right to him… right to him
Life goes around… it has boats passing by
Some people are lost in some boats … and others are stray and confused
Some people with deep sorrows … and some have far and long tracks to take
Some people, whenever their tears dried out … they lay new tears down
In the very heart of our pains and hurts … we let each other down
And this is our story … this is our tale … this is our world
You and me … you and me … you and me
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El Ayam El Helwa (الايام الحلوة)